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  1. Well........the time has come. My 16 1/2 year old daughter approached my wife asking to get on birth control. It's been a pleasure interacting with everyone on this forum.....where they are going to send me I don't think I'll have alot of internet access. Any PM's will be answered promptly in about 20 years (15 with good behavior) The only upside is that my Litecoin should be worth a fortune and my Diablo will be a 1/2 million dollar car. One problem.....I'll be so fucken old I won't be able to enjoy it.... Till we meet again..........
  2. Hey everyone, I've always wanted to drive a Lamborghini since I was a teenager, and my 50th birthday is this year, so I am thinking about renting an Aventador for a few hours so I can cross that item off of my bucket list. Here's where it gets difficult; I am 6'6" (1.97m) tall, and I weigh 300 pounds (136 kg). Should I just forget it and find something else that's really exciting to drive that can better accommodate my proportions?
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