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  1. Just a little update on the car. Its alive and running. I located a blown 7.5amp fuse under the passenger dash. Replaced it and the check engine light came on. Car then started right up on its own fuel and has been working perfect since. Thanks again for everyone's input.
  2. Hi new to Lamborghinis, just bought my first Gallardo. I have looked and looked through the forums but haven't seen exact advice to my situation. Car will not start and run on it's own, it will fire right up and run with continual starting spray. We do not have any communication to OBD, no pulses to the injectors, no rpms seen on the dash cluster when running on starting fluid. Does anyone have a detailed wiring diagram? I've looked at a couple but they are coded in a manner that is unreadable without the key to understand it. Would the radio not being installed but an issue? it is an aftermarket radio..
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