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  1. Hi guys, Im restoring my LM002, the car i bought was missing the original A/C compressor. Not sure why someone would take this out, but they did. I am having trouble finding an original, no one seems to have it, tried the usual suspects. That said I know a lot of parts on the car were sourced from existing manufacturers and compatible or also used on other cars. Anyone know of a compatible one that may work or has anyone replaced the compressor to a more modern one, and if so which did you go with and why?
  2. any idea if this or the clutch can be replaced or looked at without removing the engine?
  3. No sorry, The car was just towed to them, they have not gotten to it yet. They will evaluate and let me know whats wrong in the next few days, but i am looking for independent thoughts on it aside from them in the meantime. I believe the shop is reputable but i do want outside opinions or experiences on this.
  4. I am own a 1990 LM002, and on a recent drive started to smoke through the transmission tunnel. After pulling over, the car starts fine, but shifting it into any gear doesnt give power form engine to wheels, and doesnt stall the engine, which leads me to suspect the clutch failed in some way, or the transmission did. I had it towed to a shop that had recently worked on the car and looked it over and as recently as a few month ago (200 miles ago) told me that its in fine shape. wanted to see if anyone has had any experiences like this. If you have had the clutch replaced or repaired on the LM, h
  5. Thanks, the rims are original, the wheels are not, but honestly wheels are not top priority. The bumper is original, but i am missing the grill, the former owner had a winch on it, but kept it, as i was planning to put grill back. Need to find one, as I understand its no longer being made. do you have a contact for Emilio? who is he? At this point I am more focussed on finding parts supplier before going to someone for the job, as I am anticipating that will be a big hurdle for this job.
  6. Anyone out there with a source for parts for the LM002, looking to do some restoration work on this car....
  7. i am in lehigh valley PA, i think closest is Philly or NyC but both over 2 hrs away and i would like to find someone closer. Mainly want to know what to look out for and parts questions.
  8. Hi guys, i am a new Owner of a 1990 LM002. Very excited its my first Lm and really first exotic older car. I have owned new lux cars but clearly not the same thing. I am looking for advise from current owners, there is no Lamborghini dealer near me so i need to find a good mechanic to service it, and help with some of the restorations i hope to do. Also parts suppliers. But mainly want to understand what are the things i need to have looked at and how often. Engine, oil change frequency and type, transmission and clutch care, transfer case etc. are there good parts suppliers out ther
  9. Hi guys looking for some advice. Just bought an 1990 LM, my first exotic/ lamborghini. Looking for advice on what type of service/care the car needs. Theres not a lambo dealer near me so want to make sure i not only pick right shop but know what to ask them to look at, any pointers are really appreciated.
  10. Hi, new to the message board and a new owner of a 1990 LM. I saw someone ask above about sourcing parts or cross reference of parts that Lamborghini borrowed from other card for the LM. If there is a list or reference i would be interested as well. I read somewhere door handles and some interior handles were from jeep?? Is that true? What model? Also mine cane with a winch and i would like to get the grille for it, any source for those? As well as air intake components.
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