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  1. They do not light up, As stated when the car is unlocked the only lights that turn on are the blinkers, no headlights or taillights, and when doors are opened, both under door/puddle lights don’t turn on either
  2. Hi all, I have a 2010 Lp570-4, and every time I unlock the car, my lights will not turn on apart from the turn signals that flash twice when unlocked, no rear parkers or front daytime running lights, no courtesy lights turn on under the doors when opened either? Once car is started, the lights will turn on but the under door lights/courtesy lights still won’t work so I’m thinking something is linked between the two, or there is a setting that has been turned off. I like the idea and look of the lights turning on once car is unlocked for 30-60 seconds like every other car I’ve owned. has anyone had this problem? I’ve tried doing research and going through some of the cars settings through the head unit but no luck. Thanks I’m advance.
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