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  1. the box is moved back because it looks way cool on the back. Super tacky on the top. Nnot sure what the Seasucker Monkey Bars are rated too. Doesn't say on their website
  2. all my friends were telling me it'd be a bad idea to drill holes in the lambo. but not that I've had it for so long. I'm really enjoying driving with it on. Might do that
  3. Sup guys! Just installed the roof rack to the huracan so we're all prepared to snowboard during the winter. Used the seasucker to install and I mounted the rear suction cups to the rear window because it's a better look. But i'm a little concerned about how strong that rear window is? Do you think it will break with a snowboard on there? I can see it in my rear view mirror bouncing up and down. Whats your opinion? Gonna break or not? haha
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