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  1. I have also found out e gear does connect to ECMs thru ABS module to signal the e gear brake pedal is pushed . So maybe ECMs are the main problem. Will update
  2. No not flood recovery but Im sure it was jumped several times He just left it siting and and would try to start it whenever he got a chance . The ecms are sent off now and I have egear problems and top problems everything else is working . I need a pin out of the top micros . I have found a local guy with the correct diagnostic equipment now But he wants to wait till the ECMs come back. Im not sure if the top would work without ECMs installed.?? So Im on hold for another week at least. The car had sit 4 years in the back of his garage. Really nice car Pearl white on black spyder. Has 30K mile
  3. I would also like to say Im new to this forum so please bear with me .
  4. I just purchased a 07 Gallardo S It had been sitting for 5 years. I believe the owner had tried to jump start the car and fried the ecms. I sent those off and really need a wiring diagram for the complete car. I have a ton off gremlins running thru the car . Not sure if when the ecms are returned all will be fine or not. Any help would be appreciated . I downloaded a manual but it doesnt even tell me colors of wires or names of the units its showing
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