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  1. Ok, thank you. I was told that the battery voltage had to be above 12.5v in order to reprogram or change settings in the ECU using the LARA software otherwise the ECU could get corrupted. Is this unfounded info I've picked up and would 12.+ be ok to program the ECU? Cheers,
  2. Hello, I had an e-gear snap test done recently and the tech told me the battery voltage was very low at 12.05volts. This test was conducted without the car running, just the key switch on. I had no trouble starting and driving home. Today I bought a new battery, charged it up on the bench, then installed it in the car. With the key turned on and the engine not running, my voltmeter read 12.08v at the battery terminals. With the engine running, I measured 13.8v at the battery terminals. As this is a new battery, with key switch on dash display on etc, but engine not running, the vol
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