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  1. ...this wil be running on LeMans eheheheheheheh always drift... :notworthy great fiat 500!!!!!!!!!
  2. i have already make them black on the mini cooper s,i wanna do it in th X5...do or not to do?
  3. YOU aren't lying! I saw an ad in AutoWeek for a 1973 Porsche RS 2.7L LWT Carrera..... asking $240,000 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -James Miller yes...and think that in the official porsche valuation for the RS is only €50,000 ... last year a japanese had offer my father €160,000...more than the triple!!!
  4. :notworthy ...no words for me Hey if you're around I'm bring 002C and 0846 to the Historic Targa Florio May 29-June 6th. ah jota...is so cool your garage...better than all new car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love old school!!!!
  5. probably i'll be there...depends because at the end of june there is the porsche owners meeting in sardinia! :supz: but targa florio is targa florio :supz:
  6. :notworthy ...no words for me
  7. i dot' understand what u mean lambochick
  8. mecano...i think it in the same way of you! i'm young but i had already same sport car(auti tt :vom: ,a porsche boxster without any traction control permanent,now the carrera 996...)but nothing of them can give me the same emotion of diving ''my''(is of my father) BABY RS...the pure and perfect sound of the 2.7 liters(porsche old school),the parfume of gasoline...no one new car can feel you the same sensation....when you drive around your town,or when you are running in same tracks....with carrera rs you feel ever like a pilot that under his ass have 210 nervous hp ready to drift every curve and sadisfy you.
  9. lightweight(now with the seat of touring...more confortable,but we have also the original racing seat)
  10. ...i take same other picture ,now in the garage where my father keep the rs and 996
  11. this is the last car that we bought 2 month ago... i configurate this car for my mother but now i like it more of her... what u think about it?
  12. ...without traction control...under the snow...with a little porsche and snow wheels...what do u want more???????? STEFANO!!! do you remember that day?
  13. hi all!!! i'm maniac for my porsche...i keep my baby like a jewel!!!
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