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  1. Client contacted me about doing a full correction and coating for his McLaren Spider. Most McLarens come from the factory with sand scratches and a few other defects that could use correction to look its absolute best. Enjoy the photos. Before Scratches On Fender Fender After Initial Compounding Step Sand Scratches/Rids Before After Black Plastics Marred Before Same Area After Compounding More Imperfections Before After Top Of Rear Quarter Issues Before Same Area After Rear Quarter Before After Carbon Before * Factory Holograms * Carbon After Door Before Door After Main Part Of The Door Before Door After Finals After Coating
  2. Rids Beforehand Quick 50/50 Before After Wing Had Deep Issues and Water Spotting Same Area After Compounding Final Shots
  3. 458 Speciale sent to me to remove factory flaws. Condition She Arrived In Prep Process Final Shots
  4. Aventador Roadster brought in for full correction, custom front end/rockers xpel clear bra, and coating... Factory holograms and sand scratches throughout the finish. Holograms Throughout Sand Scratches After Compounding Finals
  5. Lamborghini Aventador came in for a full correction... This particular Aventador has been the worst condition I've seen yet. Master Blasting After Prep Factory Sand Scratches Literally Everywhere and Panel Same Spots After Compounding Gas Cap Before Gas Cap After More Issues Before After Compound Top Of The Door Before After Door Was The Worst With Factory Sand Scratches Same Spots After Sanding Scratches By Door Handle Before After Edges Again With Piss Poor Finish Edges After Engine Trim Cleaned and Dressed Final Led Shots Before Coating Interior Dialed In Exhaust Before After Final Shots
  6. I texted you back Saturday afternoon is your car still out in Cali?
  7. Lucci_111

    Nissan GTR Correction

    Not Alex's but SP did all of the after market parts on it I believe car looks amazing in person! It was done just right!
  8. Lucci_111

    Nissan GTR Correction

    I received a call a while back concerning a paint correction on a few cars, this GTR is the first one that we were going to correct. Once the GTR was washed and clayed we pulled it in the sun to see what the condition of the paint was. I was able to capture a lot of defects in the paint in the direct sunlight it was in decent shape but still needed our touch to get it to how it should look. It took three steps to achieve a 100 % Correction. Enjoy the photos. Before Damage Shots Wheels / Wash Process Final Polish Stage Crystal Rock Applied After Sun Shots/Reflection Shots
  9. Lucci_111

    Lucci Elite Now Offers Custom Clear Bra

    Most of the cars we have done have full front end clear bra's. We can remove swirls and scratches out of clear bra its just a longer process.
  10. Lucci_111

    Lucci Elite Now Offers Custom Clear Bra

    Expel film!
  11. Many of you know how precise we are with paint correction, we are very excited to announce the same quality of craftsmanship with our custom clear bra services! We are looking forward to being of service for your paint correction and clear bra needs!
  12. After seeing my recent correction on a black & red Bugatti, I connected with a prospective new client about his black and blue Bugatti. After looking at his Veyron and chatting with him, we booked the car for its paint correction process. The car had multiple scratches from previous detailers in the past. From start to finish it was a 36 hour correction with multiple steps to get it to 100%, then sealed with a coat of Swissvax Crystal Rock. I would also like to introduce Justin Rose to the forum, Justin has been with me since day one in Texas a long time ago and has relocated to Cali to help grow an empire! It was a pleasure to correct this masterpiece! Stay tuned for his other cars that we are paint correcting, as well as the 5 other Bugatti's on the books! Enjoy the photos. Wash Process/ Before Sun Shots Paint Readings Before Shots Under Lights Polishing Process Interior Shots *We were on a time frame so not to many were taken* After Shots Final Shots