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  1. CSLDragon

    Where are you Lambo forum members

    I figure most owners don't want that much detail out there on where they are. Put the dealer if you want a address is what I suggest.
  2. CSLDragon

    Where are you Lambo forum members

    Top the TOP
  3. CSLDragon

    Where are you Lambo forum members

    to the top
  4. CSLDragon

    Where are you Lambo forum members

    Deleted the joksters
  5. CSLDragon

    Where are you Lambo forum members

    bump to find the thread
  6. CSLDragon

    Where are you Lambo forum members

  7. CSLDragon

    Where are you Lambo forum members

    Nice to see everyone is all over the place. I figured there would be more East Coasters but CA is in the lead.
  8. CSLDragon

    Where are you Lambo forum members

    I created a map for the fun of it. Well i stole the idea from another form so who cares. Just curious where members are on the forum. Add your city location to the following map. This is a way to help find fellow members to go have a adventure. Steps 1. Open link : https://www.zeemaps.com/map?group=1062948 2: under "Additions" use "Add Marker - Simple" 3. Enter screen name 4. Enter your city or zip only -----optional----- 5. Photo if you wish 6. Maker color
  9. CSLDragon

    Vintage Lamborghini's Needed (CA)

    I have met them once at a event. They asked me to help as I organize drives / events for the community. George was the one who asked for my help. George Markle & Debby Piccolotti NorCal Lamborghini Club America
  10. CSLDragon

    Vintage Lamborghini's Needed (CA)

    The Marin Sonoma Concours d'Elegance, held May 19, 2013 in San Rafael, Calif. is now accepting applications for Lamborghini's through 1985 and in celebration of the 50th anniversary. Applications are available online at Entrant Invitation | Marin Sonoma Concours 2013. Thom Escover is building the class and his email is [email protected] as is also John Nirenstein at [email protected] If you are a vintage lambo owner please reach out to these gentleman. They can also call 415-999-3910 or Debby at 650-722-1925. Gianluca from the Lambo factory is sending a special car but not sure what it is yet. If you know a buddy with a vintage lambo, please relay the message to them.
  11. CSLDragon

    Photo Locations

    Updated with two new locations. Great bridge crossing shot in Auburn / Forest Hill Area. This is below the bridge the drove the POS off in Fast and the Furious LOL. Added a new SF location found from another forum. Will update the thread as I add more locations.
  12. Hello Everyone, I am trying to setup another meet before the weather closes the driving season. This is an event that I used to host long time ago that peaked at 200 cars. This is an open event for all who want to hang out on a Saturday to make new friends and go for a fun drive. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- When - 10/17/09 Where – Nordstrom’s Lot facing Sand Hill BLvd. Address - 50 Stanford Shopping Center Palo Alto, CA 94304 Time - 10:00am till 12:00~12:30 – Drive through the hills and back roads along the cost. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Sacramento Caravan: Time - Leaving at 8:00am from Chevron right before the cause way. Where - 4800 W Capitol Ave, West Sacramento, CA 95691-2155 Remember – Bring cash for the toll bridge ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Spread the word to all your fellow car enthusiast. I will have maps of the drive route I plan on going on the day of the event. Don’t forget to BRING YOUR 2 WAY RADIO for the drive portion if you are attending. To be added to my drives email list, you can PM me your name and email address. Cheers A
  13. CSLDragon

    Napa drive & photoshoot for 2009 - 9/26/09

    Images from the NAPA drive. http://eurosunday.net/sacramento/images/09...2009krissi.html
  14. Napa drive & photoshoot for 2009 - 9/26/09 I am planning another private drive through the hills of Napa for a lunch stop and photoshoot. The drive is for Saturday 9/26/09 This is a drive I have done for a long time and is one of the most relaxing drives I plan. Below are a few images from the photoshoot stop we do at a Tuscan themed winery. For those who have never been on one of my drives. 1. This is not a race 2. Have fun 3. Please bring a two way radio if you can for safety 4. Remember to fill up your car before the drive 5. Make a “pit stop” before the drive. For those coming from Sacramento, Reno, Stockton, Fresno: We will be meeting at the Chevron before the Davis Causeway, 4900 W Capitol Ave, West Sacramento, CA Departing at 9:00am on the dot For those coming from the Bay Area: We will be meeting you at the Chevron in Winters: 999 E Grant Ave, Winters, CA Departing there about 10:00am If you would like to be added to my drives email list, PM with your name and email address
  15. CSLDragon

    Tahoe Run 2009

    Hello Everyone, It is that time of year again for the 2009 Tahoe Run. We will be heading out on August 29th and doing the extended loop around the lake. For many of you who have attend this run in the past we have added a new section to the drive. If you have been waiting to go on a day drive then this is your drive. We will be meeting at: The Nimbus Winery 12401 Folsom Blvd, Rancho Cordova CA Depart at 9:00am on the dot PLAN ON BEING GONE ALL DAY. You are welcome to attend part of the drive or meeting points but the drive will last most of the day. Lunch will be in Tahoe at the Lake Forest Buffet at Harrish Tahoe. Not the best food in the world but a great view and is able to seat a large group. Maps will be provided on the day of the event for all of those who are attending the drive. Check list. 1. Fill up prior to departure. (there is a chevron right off HW 50 and Hazel) 2. Two way radio if possible (helps the leads know what is going on) 3. Top off fluids 4. Check tire pressure 5. Clean air filter If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.