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  1. Thoughts are with Eddie's family. I would also like to extend my thoughts and sincerest prayers to Roman, his children, and family. Roman, I pray you will not succumb to your own personal demons that you live with every hour. Substance abuse is no joke.
  2. Always thought it looked like a tacky kit car.
  3. Out with the old and in with the new (software and users). Place looks good.
  4. The Aventador desperately needs to be replaced.
  5. Shit that car looks great. Congrats!
  6. A couple hundred Russian mercenaries working for the Wagner Group are en route to Venezuela to provide "security" for Maduro. This is the same group who tried to take control of a ConocoPhillips oil field in Syria from Delta Force last year. Venezuela is so fucked.
  7. Congratulations Gino! Out of all the Lambo owners on this forum, your story probably the most inspiring out of them all. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Every time I checked to see if the forum was back online and it wasn't, I didn't even get annoyed because it was just so quintessentially Lambo-Power to be offline for weeks at a time without any idea when it is coming back... and it has always been like that. Maybe part of it's charm but if I was a paid advertiser, I would be pissed. Yesterday there was a note added to the main page saying that they would be back online today... would have been nice to see a even just a weekly update on the main page saying "Hey, taking a little longer than expected.. Hang tight". PS. Black/Gold as a standard
  9. First I've ever heard about him having wealthy parents. I also don't know him, watch many of his videos or really care.
  10. The kid has a GT40 and Senna incoming later this year.
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