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Found 2 results

  1. Hi Guys I need to buy the clutch bearing PART NUMBER: 086141671C Someone have one NEW, READY available? thank you so much
  2. HI MURCI OWNER , I am writing in this post because I have been contacted regarding clutch / bearing works on Murcielago SOME "clever" IN THE MARKET OUT HERE TRY TO SELL CLUTCHES IN KEVLAR for 800/1000 dollars taking advantage of the owners of exotic THE MESSAGE I AM TRYING TO TRANSMIT IS THE FOLLOWING: NO QUALITY CLUTCH WITH PRIMARY MATERIAL and NON-CHINESE CAN COST SO CHEAP I KNOW THAT MOST YOU ARE KNOWING THAT PUTTING CHEAP MATERIAL ON THE MURCIELAGO MEANS DOING THE WORK TWICE, BUT SOME STILL DO NOT UNDERSTAND !!!!! PUT CHEAP CLUTCHES AND BEARINGS MEANS = CAR THAT LEAVES YOU ON THE STREET AND WORK TWICE !!!! WAITING FOR YOUR CONFIRMATIONS, so maybe someone will understand that whoever offers very low prices is making a scam !!! we are a community and we must help each other
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