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Found 4 results

  1. For the first time Stateside, Lamborghini debuted the Huracan EVO Coupe and Spyder in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City. In conjunction with the 2019 New York International Autoshow, Lamborghini hosted 300 guests in a private event to see the next generation of the Huracan. Deliveries will start this summer. Suggested retails for the Coupe comes in at $261,274 USD and $287,400 USD for the Spyder. Federico Foschini (Automobili Lamborghini CCO) speaks at the North American debut of the Lamborghini Huracan EVO Coupe and Spyder. From Left to Right: Alessandro Farmeschi (Automobili Lamborghini, CEO of Americas Region), Silvia Limoncini (Deputy Consul General in New York), Federico Foschini (Automobili Lamborghini CCO), Kate Bassi (Automobili Lamborghini CMO).
  2. It was a battle of strategy, perfection, mixed with good fortune and fuel strategy that brought the #11 Grasser Racing Team its latest victory at the Mobil 1 Twelve Hours of Sebring. The GRT GT3 Huracán gave both the Italian automotive manufacturer and Austrian team the unofficial “36 Hours of Florida” honors with its successive victories at the Daytona 24 Hours and again in Sebring for the GTD class. Team Principal Gottfried Grasser said, “I’m simply lost for words. Our success rate in the American races is 100 percent with three wins in a row. The race itself was extremely turbulent with many ups and downs. We extended our last three stints by a good margin and our drivers saved fuel where possible, which enabled us to stick to our strategy and we didn’t have to make another stop.” Driver Mirko Bortolotti, with teammates Rolf Ineichen and Rik Breukers piloted through the checkered flag in P1 ahead of competitor Magnus Racing’s Huracán. It was a 1-2 win for Lamborghini as the GT3 Huracán proves to be a venerable competitor. “I would like to especially thank Rolf Ineichen,” continued Grasser. “[W]ho pushed incredibly hard, Mirko Bortolotti, who has no equal when he’s behind the wheel and Rik Breukers, who also turned in an impeccable performance. And, of course, the entire team deserves my utmost respect. For twelve hours, they did not make a single mistake. Every move was dead right and every stop perfect from start to finish. I am incredibly proud of the whole team, and last but not least, many thanks to Squadra Corse Lamborghini, who backed us wonderfully well at this demanding track right from the very first tests. The support we’ve received from Lamborghini is just awesome. Everyone worked well together in this thrilling race.” With less than two hours, Bortolotti climbed from fifth to the first position staving off a last-ditch effort by Andy Lally of Magnus Racing who would finish in second with his teammates Spencer Pumplley and John Potter. A late-in-the-race yellow condition inadvertently allowed the Grasser team to conserve much-needed fuel for the last of the race. “What a race! Winning Sebring, one of the toughest races on the entire calendar, is just amazing,” said driver Mirko Bortolotti. “The last two hours were the toughest of my whole career. First off, I outbraked Andy Lally in the first turn, and then after that, he stuck to my bumper for an hour and a half until we reached the finish line. The slightest mistake would have been enough to lose us the win, and what’s more, I really needed to save fuel but wanted to secure victory more than anything. Hats off to everyone in the team! I’m really proud of every one of them.” Stefano Domenicali, CEO of Automobili Lamborghini, said: "After an extraordinary 2018, the new year has started in the best possible way. Winning the 12 Hours of Sebring for the second time in a row underlines the indisputable qualities of the Huracán GT3 project. This is a great success for the entire Lamborghini team."
  3. March 5. 2019, PalExpo Geneva Switzerland ... 8:30 in the morning ... eagerly awaiting the official Automobili Lamborghini SpA press conference for the 2019 Geneva International Motor Show, or the 2019GIMS, in Hall 1. Stand 1160 is massive and shows four cars in total, two covered up while the orange Huracan EVO and a satin grey metallic Urus are already visible. We all know what cars are hiding under those black satin covers, but still the first movie they show us is about the Arancio Xanto, how a day in the life of her owner evolves from going to work and taking the scenic route home over impressive mountain roads that allow some drifting … before a second movie talks about his wife owning the EVO Spyder counterpart, both movies come together when they ‘drive’ home after work, racing each other to be first … a nice detail, both cars have the same license place ‘LP 640 LB.’ At the end of the movie, the two actors unveil the Huracan EVO Spyder finished in Verde Selvans, a new four-layer green now available on the Huracan EVO range. Chairman and CEO of Automobili Lamborghini SpA walks onto the stand for the official introduction of both the Huracan EVO (which just had the dynamic unveil only a month ago) and the new Huracan EVO Spyder … safe to say that this Evolution of the original LP610-4 model will be the final ‘standard’ edition of the V10 model before a successor takes over that will probably introduce the hybrid powertrain for the entry-level Lamborghini in a few years. Back to the Huracan EVO Spyder, while this new pearl metallic green looks amazing, my attention is grabbed by the seats … this EVO Spyder shows the new lightweight carbon fiber seats, and combined with the EVO pattern on the back and seat itself, they look absolutely amazing, I was told these are more comfortable compared to the carbon fiber lightweight seats used in the previous Huracan model, and still found in the Aventador SVJ today. About the Aventador SVJ, we all know the 900 units for the Coupe have been sold out a while already, and as Stefano Domenicali mentioned during the press conference, Lamborghini was founded with a V12, so the Aventador is the current ‘Halo’ car … which is why the new Aventador SVJ Roadster was also unveiled at the 2019 GIMS, finished in a stunning Bronzo Zenas, a new matt shade, over a custom interior with the carbon fiber seats … only 800 units of the SVJ Roadster will be built, and most of those are already sold as you read this, despite the nearly US $575,000 price tag before taxes … first customer cars will be delivered during the Summer of 2019. The one model that is set to outsell all others on the stand is naturally the Urus, at the moment there is no information about a hybrid version, but we did get the message Lamborghini is planning to not only unveil the LB48H at the IAA in September, but also to come up with a surprise, and most of the automotive publications are betting this will be the Urus Hybrid … but for now we can admire a stunning, matt grey finished Urus on the stand in Geneva, fitted with just about every carbon fiber option on the exterior … and in the interior, even the rear lower diffuser is finished in a darker shade than normal, combined with satin black exhaust tips this color combination looks really awesome. One option this show car didn’t have was the Akrapovic exhaust, but fear not … I found another dark grey Urus hiding on the parking lot behind the Hall 1 that was fitted with this impressive exhaust … if you think the sound of a standard Urus is good … the thunder emitted by this Akrapovic exhaust is on another level … it might even be too much for some owners … One more car that was hiding from the general public was a matt blue finished Ad Personam Huracan EVO, on display behind a glass privacy wall, this was the VIP area on the Lamborghini Stand, and it was off-limits to press and visitors all day, open on invitation only to a select group of VIP. This was a display of what is possible when you opt for the Ad Personam on your new Lamborghini … when in fact the sky is the limit as you can choose from nearly 350 different exterior shades and a massive selection of leather and Alcantara shades … and you can even start making combinations as this matt blue Huracan EVO came with white details on the outside … it actually reminded me of the Huracan Avio at first glance. One of the main reasons I always try to visit the Geneva Motor Show is the fact you can admire some of the most famous tuners at this show too, and some of them bring their interpretation of what a Lamborghini should look like … some improve the original, some ruin it according to some people, but you have to admit they always try to make the car look different, taste is a personal matter after all. One of the first tuners to show an entire aero kit for the Lamborghini Urus was Russian based TopCar, and they also had a stand at this year’s show … with their yellow Urus on display, complete with clear carbon fiber engine cover that boasts some amazing air vents, add the new front and rear diffuser, wheel arches and vent covers in carbon fiber and you get a rather nice looking, albeit slightly different Lamborghini Urus. TopCar even offers a pair of rear wings for the Urus, one at the edge of the roof and another one to fit onto the rear hatch … the Geneva show car came with 23-inch wheels on a twisted, five-spoke design. Mansory, on the other hand showed no less than ten cars in Geneva, three of them originally made in Sant’Agata, they had the Aventador S aero kit on display, which in Mansory terms is a very mild kit while the Mansory Carbonado EVO is something completely different … taking an Aventador Roadster, Mansory replaces just about everything on this car to turn it into a Carbonado EVO, we’ve seen the Carbonado before as a Coupe, but now the EVO is a Roadster … with a plaque showing 1/1 so this might be a one of a kind Mansory in the end. On the Carbonado GT Mansory increased power to 1,250 hp, if this new EVO edition is even more powerful isn’t disclosed yet, Mansory has yet to publish the press release on this car, but I guess having that much power without a roof would be sufficient for most. But about the Mansory Venatus, another 1 of 1 that was shown in Geneva, this time taking the Lamborghini Urus onto a completely new level, if it could be removed from the original car and replaced by carbon fiber, Mansory did it, just about everything is modified on this Urus, and whether you love it or hate it, you have to admit the workmanship shown by Mansory is impressive, both on the outside and on the inside … the new carbon fiber parts all show that well-known B2 bomber pattern made by Mansory in-house, while the interior has been updated with the softest leather and boasts an innovative stitching pattern. Remember Mansory moved the start button in their Aventador models to the roof to mimic the jet fighter feeling … they did the same inside this Venatus Urus! The final Lamborghini I encountered at the Geneva Motor Show was shown in Hall 7, not usually a location to find some of the major makes or tuners, but still they sometimes show a Raging Bull, this time it was a bright yellow Lamborghini Aventador LP750 Superveloce Roadster … not bad for a stand about cleaning products. Another day at the Geneva Motor Show, perhaps not the largest venue in terms of surface, but for me personally still one of the most important car shows in Europe, and after being unable to attend since 2016, I was very happy to be able to drive to Switzerland once again … I had a great day, very tired, but happy.
  4. Welcome to the latest edition of Lambo Power! Fifteen years in the making, we are proud to bring you a whole new look with the same great attitude and content you've come to love about our site. This post is to help you get familiar with the new look and feel. There is always resistance to change, but that never makes us better. Complacency kills, and we want to make sure we're moving forward and around for another 15 years. This guide should help you understand and be able to utilize the new features for our site. The images provided may slightly differ from your own, as when in the site is offline and in admin account, things just look a bit off sometimes. Let's quick start with the obvious new change, the scrolling photos. This will cycle through clickable buttons to new pages. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Currently, it has the new welcome banner, second a State of Affairs, for a brief rundown on the site and its direction. Finally, there is a page about our new VIP membership. With the rest of the board, let's start from the top. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ We have our namesake on the site. To the right, you'll see some icons. Mine may vary a bit from yours at this moment as the Admin position allows for more access. These are as follows: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1. Notification bell - Click it, and a drop down section shows you which items are read and unread. Someone quoted you in a post? Responded to a thread you started? You'll get notified and can click to it see a summary of it here. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ At the top right of the dialogue, you'll see a cog symbol with "Notification Settings" if you click that, you'll be brought to a settings page. Here you can customize your notifications. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Here, as an example, using Google Chrome as your browser window, you can set it to have pop-up notifications on your desktop (for desktop usage). Want an email summary each day of threads and posts you are involved in? Not a problem, that'll be in here. Just select the sliders to on and off for specific features that appeal to you. If you really want to see how you can be updated on activity, take a couple of minutes looking through this page. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Next Image: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2. Mailbox symbol: Here is where you'll send and receive messages. Click it once, and again you'll find a drop-down dialogue to give you a quick summary of your inbox and recent messages. At the bottom, click "Go To Inbox." This new page has changed than our previous set up. On the left, it will have short visualizations of each message, usually with whomever latest reply (their avatar) and a few words of text. There is also the date from when it was received. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ You can sort and filter these messages fairly easily, most won't need to utilize that feature, but it is there if you'd like to. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Under the clickable text "Home", you'll find INBOX, a Settings Cog and Compose New button. For Inbox options, you'll find new messages, saved drafts and new folders you may wish to create. The Settings Cog allows you to Mark all as read and/or empty your inbox. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Compose New, will open a new dialog window. Here you can send a message to a fellow member. Thankfully, there is an autofill feature with names, so if you can remember the first letter or two of who you want to contact, you can select from the names that drop down. Give it a second to sort through the 100,000+ names, it's not instant, but it does work. There is a rich text editor in the message area, so you can customize or add features to your messages, as well as add uploaded media to it. Those include pictures, videos, etc. This includes the new way of uploading photos and pictures (a long time complaint). Drag into the area or the traditional file select is available for you to use here. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Next up is the "Search bar" which includes "What's New, Browse and Activity menus. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Next Image: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Click in the search window to type what you're looking for. This will allow you to narrow down forums, exact matches or content that "contains" specified results. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "What's New" This has a drop-down menu offering two new options for our site. The Gallery and Exclusive Content. Clicking it will bring you to a new area where we will be posting new and original content for the Lambo Power community. This is set up very similar to a sub-forum where you'll find the blog post, reviews, and interviews as they become available. We'll be sure to let you know when they are posted! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Gallery, this section is a place where if you want to have a collection of images uploaded you are able too. This compiles these here so everyone can see what you've got saved. This section is easy to access eye-candy, but only as big as members choose to make it. It's powerful and informative, but not utilized to its capacity currently. We'll see how everyone participates and decide should we keep it. There is also a Gallery for our Exclusive section. It will pertain directly to our original content. Currently, it's a placeholder while we continue to create in anticipation. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Browse: Click this and you'll reroute to our home page, landing on the forum directory. Straight forward. Same will occur should you select Forums. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Next Image: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ History of Lambo Power: After 15 years there is hardly a shortage of information or goodness about our site. It's a boilerplate on our site, and why we are here. It's a quick read, but good information. Also a cool new feature, here we have statistics about the site. How many topics, posts, members, who are online, most ever online and newest member. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Next Image: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Next Image: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Staff: Here you'll find a shortcut to those of us here that keep the site going. Shoot one of the Moderators or Admins and message should you have any problems. This just lets you know who here you can contact. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Next Image: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Online Users: This just shows you who is currently on the site and how long ago. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Activity: Click this drop down and you'll see plenty of options. All Activity will give you a rundown of everything. Just scroll down till you see something you want. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Next Image: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ My Activity Stream: This takes a couple minutes to set up, but highlight this, a second submenu pops up with all the parameters. At the bottom of that menu is "Create New Stream." On a new page are all the options for you to build a custom stream of detailed information. If you are looking to get specific notifications, you can add specific Tags here to collect them. As we continue to use Tags this will reinforce the available information and become more robust in time. Take a few minutes to get familiar with the options in here if you want to pursue particular data. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Unread Content: Quite possibly the best way to navigate information on our site. This brings up a stream of, you guessed it. Unread Content since your last visit. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ At the top of this section, you'll see plenty of parameter selection options. You can set date ranges, content types, posts by specific people, etc. Take a couple minutes to review these if you are looking to have more than just the generic setting. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Content I Started: If you're interested in only seeing posts and reactions to threads you have posted and created, this is your home base. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Next Image: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Search: Just a longer, secondary way to get to the Search page. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Unread Content: The quickest and most underutilized feature. 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At the bottom, you'll see an option to skip to the next unread top. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ And as well as ways to share the post and topic to various social media channels should you so see fit. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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