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2014 GT-R Black Edition - SPE950R Motec M1 Launch Mode

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We have sourced a new 2014 Black Edition for our client over seas who was not looking for mainly top end but requested smooth, simple and a responsive GT-R that he may enjoy any time of the week.




SPE950R was chosen along with the following additions:


- Titek Titanium Race Exhaust - 90mm

- Titek Titanium Race Mid Pipe - 90mm

- Motec M1

- Swift Spec R Springs

- DSS Axles + Hub














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I thought the titek race was 102mm is this a different version? How do the spec springs change the ride and how much of a drop do they add. Looks really good, great work.




Titek currently offers 2 types of exhaust systems:


- Titek 90mm Race Exhaust

- Titek 102mm Race Exhaust/Mid Pipe Combo - Larger diameter for higher HP applications and comes with its own 102mm titanium mid pipe.


Swift has 2 applications


Sport - 1" all around. This is only recommended for 2009-2010 model years. 2011 and up OEM springs have a stronger spring rate.

Spec R - 1" all around springs have a higher rate. This can be used in all years.




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