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  1. Ashkan Tahvildaran comes through SPE Headquarters with his 2012 Nissan GTR. Ashkan talks about how his SPE950R R35 handles double duty as a daily driver and a mean track car. Follow SP Engineering on Facebook and Instagram for the latest info on Ashkans GTR. In this episode, Louie Altobelli stops by SPE Headquarters to discuss his 2010 Nissan GTR. Louie provides some insight on how our SP Engineering 950R package has changed his experience with the R35, both on and off the track. Follow SP Engineering on Facebook and Instagram as we as we continue to help Louie chase his dream of reaching 205 MPH. In this episode, Deon Deantoni talks about his beautiful 2014 Nissan GTR with SPE1000R package and also explains why he settled with SP Engineering as his preferred tuning shop. He even lets out a little hint of making more power in the future. Follow SP Engineering on Facebook and Instagram as we show glimpses and updates on Deon’s GT-R when the time comes. In this episode, Sean Taing himself came out to our shop to discuss his 2014 Nissan Midnight Opal GTR featuring our SPE700 package. Sean also discusses his 213 mph session at Shift S3ctor with his SPE GODZILLA package R35, and reveals his story regarding the incident that occurred. Follow SP Engineering on Facebook and Instagram as we work on Seans newest SPE KAIJU build. Stay Tuned… Thanks for looking! - SP
  2. We really don't see anything in the firmware/software used to calibrate 2015 models that can benefit in producing more HP then your previous models (2014, 2013). Just the obvious such as suspension, interior, etc. Overall it is more refined.
  3. With COBB's recent firmware release on supporting the 2015 Nissan GTR, tuning services and packages are now available at SP Engineering. Vincent was first in line for the SPE700 using his OEM exhaust system. Parts list: OEM Nissan GTR Exhaust SPE Spec 3.5” Race Mid-pipe SPE Spec 3.5” Cast Bell Mouth Turbo Downpipe SPE Spec 3” Cold Air Intake System SPE Spec Spark Plugs Range 9 SPE Spec 1000cc Injectors SPE Spec Dual 270LPH Fuel Pump System SPE Custom Computer Calibration COBB V3 AccessPORT ECM Control (91 & E85 maps) 2015 GTR SPE700 - 91 Octane vs E85 Fuel @17psi On E85 @ 17psi, 609WHP was achieved with an OEM exhaust. Titek's 102mm full titanium exhaust system will be landing shortly so............................................................."there is definitely more in her" Below I've provided dyno images of previous year SPE700 packages we've done in the past for a simple comparison. 2015 SPE700 vs 2014 SPE700 2015 SPE700 vs 2013 SPE700 Any questions please let us know!
  4. SP Engineering would like to congratulate Cranberry for taking 1st place @ the Pocono 1/2 mile event in his Godzilla packaged GT-R.
  5. Thanks!! Titek currently offers 2 types of exhaust systems: - Titek 90mm Race Exhaust - Titek 102mm Race Exhaust/Mid Pipe Combo - Larger diameter for higher HP applications and comes with its own 102mm titanium mid pipe. Swift has 2 applications Sport - 1" all around. This is only recommended for 2009-2010 model years. 2011 and up OEM springs have a stronger spring rate. Spec R - 1" all around springs have a higher rate. This can be used in all years.
  6. We have sourced a new 2014 Black Edition for our client over seas who was not looking for mainly top end but requested smooth, simple and a responsive GT-R that he may enjoy any time of the week. SPE950R was chosen along with the following additions: - Titek Titanium Race Exhaust - 90mm - Titek Titanium Race Mid Pipe - 90mm - Motec M1 - Swift Spec R Springs - DSS Axles + Hub
  7. Aaron's SPE950R has gone through some revisions since he has taken delivery of his GT-R earlier this year. These changes has produced more power by mainly adding Titek's 102mm titanium exhaust system allowing us to make some minor changes in his fuel map. SPE950R E85 @ 33psi + Titek's 102mm Titanium Exhaust SPE950R OLD VS NEW Titek's 102mm exhaust pictured below....... Titek's 102mm Titanium exhaust can be purchased here: http://r35tt.com/sto...st-09-R35-GT-R/ For more information on Aaron's SPE950R, please visit our blog: http://www.sp-power....pe950r-upgrade/
  8. Cranberry's GT-R has recently been upgraded from our previous SPE950R to our newly revised SPE1000R. After 1 year of putting in work from 1/4 mile drags to 1/2 mile events, the GT-R has returned for more. Previous SPE950R package Revised SPE1000R package The previous SPE long block was used with Cranberry's new setup as our leak down / compression test reported readings from a freshly built engine. Only the turbo and fuel system have been revised. Stay tuned for more updates on this package in the near future. Eugene
  9. Just landed! SP Engineering has the following products in stock ready to ship. Revozport OEM CF Air Brake Revozport RHZ CF Air Brake There is no modifications needed during installation. PM or give us a call to place your orders! For a limited time, free shipping on all lower 48 states!
  10. Day 1 of collecting data during launches and improving 0-60 foot times was priority before we are able to run at full tilt. With our client behind the driver's seat, he has ran consecutive 0-60 foot times of 1.3's. More information and updates will follow within the next few days on our Godzilla package.
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