991 GT3/GT3RS/911R Long Tube Race Headers - 38whp

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I know, I know... It's a Lambo forum. But I was too excited about this to not post it here, plus I know some of you guys (and Carol) are really into Porsche. Since the original 991 GT3 we had a race header made within months of the first car landing in North America; they worked well, sounded good, and sales were good. We kept getting approached by more hardcore track guys to build something "better" (for what they use their cars for). Enter our Long Tube Competition Race Header.


A local gentleman, and long time client of Fabspeed who happens to own an UV 991 GT3RS came by, said "this is what I want", and we got to work. The results spoke for themselves. We teamed up with some of the premier names in exhaust components to ensure this was the ultimate header kit for these cars. Burns stainless out of Costa Mesa California supplies the high velocity merge collectors (if you don't know who Burns Stainless is, well... it doesn't get any better when it comes to merge collectors.) These collectors help broaden the torque curve, and the slip fit design not only makes installation a breeze, it allows for expansion and contraction as the engine shifts under load, keeping everything in place without putting undue stress on welds and other components.


We finished the manifolds with a set of side muffler bypass pipes utilizing Helical valves. Helical valves are used by many OEM suppliers such as Porsche, McLaren, Ferrari, etc. The valve body itself is reinforced cast stainless steel with 625 Inconel bearings on either side of the butterfly.



- 40lb weight saving

- 24whp/30ft/lb tq without a tune || 40whp with our tune

- Fits all 991 GT3/GT3RS/911R cars

- Throttle response GREATLY improved

- Easy Install

- Sounds incredible

- CAD and Dyno Developed



As always, shoot me a PM, call, text, email, carrier pigeon, etc. for forum pricing or with questions.







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Those do look nice. Funny how few use a good collector like Burns. They are expensive but on high end cars where headers are over $5k, it seems like a no brainer. Well done.


I’d be interested in hearing more for my RS since SV Bill wouldn’t sell me his. :-)


And about the tune.

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OK Guys, here's a video. I also have a 991.2 GT3 in now getting the same system. It really sounds insane/perfect. I totally agree with Chad, a high end merge collector really does make a huge difference.





Stock vs. our Competition headers (I apologize it's so hard to read, it's easier on the webpage). 24whp/29wtq at 4400rpm || 21whp/14wtq at 8000



Stock vs. the Competition headers and tune (again... sorry it's so hard to read)... 24whp/28wtq at 4500 || 38whp/26wtq at 7650rpm



peak HP reached 474whp/331wtq I have been offering a discount to forum members and existing clients, for anyone interested


Installed pictures with various tip options, fits both the 991.1 GT3 and GR3RS as well as the 991.2






Carbon Fiber over stainless tips to work with OEM center muffler (this is a 991.2 GT3):



Or single wall brushed stainless, also on stock muffler (this is on a 991.1 GT3rs)





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