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  1. CHADW

    Aventador SV-J Discussion and New Information

    I don’t think the Aventador has ever had a competitor.
  2. CHADW

    Aventador SV-J Discussion and New Information

    You just know they are going to make 1963 total units. This seems like a McLaren move where they beat last year’s best (the SV) with the SVJ in every possible way by a small margin which will sum to destroy the SV demand.
  3. CHADW

    Helicopter charter - SoCal to Ojai

    It just looks old. Not a problem necessarily and priced accordingly. Sometimes you need a jet, sometimes a Cessna will do just fine.
  4. CHADW

    Helicopter charter - SoCal to Ojai

    And dual turbine power. Redundancy is important in the air, especially in birds that can’t glide. For short trips, it’s the perfect weapon. You won’t even have to give up the fun and scenery Ace mentions.
  5. CHADW

    Talk to me about Defenders!

    I had a really nice, fully restored 130 in right hand drive. It looked awesome. It didn’t last a month.
  6. CHADW

    Naples Motorsports

    They are the real deal. They always have some really nice stuff and ask all the money.
  7. CHADW

    Need opinion on rear trunk spoiler

    No. The front spoiler looks factory only better. The rear lip is way too obviously stuck to the trunk lid.
  8. CHADW

    new ZR1 vs 720S...

    I’m game but I’m not a VIP so mine doesn’t arrive until October. Good weather then though.
  9. CHADW

    Cayman GT4

    I like it!
  10. CHADW

    DBS Superleggera

    Looks outrageous in some pics and only really good in others. And powertrain is now AMG? That should be a winner!
  11. CHADW

    Aventador SV-J Discussion and New Information

    You know this is how they will do it. They’ll run a few cars around the Ring, let the world guess crazy times and call it sold out
  12. CHADW


    My dealer has already received his allocations on these for the year and will not have more until next summer. I think retail is more than fair...
  13. CHADW


    Are these really hot suddenly? I’ll ask, I’d be shocked if my dealer would have a problem getting one of these for you.
  14. CHADW


    This should not be a problem even for a brand new watch.
  15. CHADW


    Maybe consider a rose gold Schumacher.