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Underground Racing

Another Underground Racing Twin Turbo R8 headed to GA

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Thank you Doug from Proline Racing for letting Underground Racing Twin Turbo your 2017 Audi R8 plus. Doug, CO owner of Proline Racing has hand built all our engines here at Underground Racing since Day 1, now he has his very own UR TT R8 to enjoy for himself. This R8 has our Stage 3 build with CNC ported Race heads that made over 1,150 whp on 93 octane pump gas and 1,300+ whp on MS109 race gas. This build has a fully built engine with billet connecting rods, pistons, our upgraded clutch and billet clutch cages. As always the build includes the JRR MoTeC M1 ECU with boost by gear. Be on the look out for videos of this beast on the streets of Atlanta Georgia.


If anyone is interested in a system similar to this for your R8 or Lamborghini or needs help locating a car for a build, please don't hesitate to call or email anytime.



Kevin Howeth


[email protected]









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Hmmm ... Summer just arrived ... Along with a UGR R8 PLUS ...


I'm guessing we're not gonna get much work out of Doug this Summer ...


No worries ... He'll lose his drivers license by the end of Summer ...


So he'll be back in the shop by Fall, and it'll be business as usual ...


On a serious note, after all the spectacular work Proline has done for UGR ...




On behalf of the Lambo Community, tell Doug (and the Proline Team) ...


THANKS ... Be Safe ...


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