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Group Buy - Huracan Performante Exhaust

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Hi all,


with our Performante exhaust suite being out now for about 3 months, and the reaction (orders) to it beyond what I ever expected, I wanted to put something together for anyone on the fence, as well as share additional information and some pictures/video.


When our first HP arrived from a very good client in Boston, we got right to work scanning and designing what we thought would be the best options for the car, and a variety that would leave every owner with a box to check; from the guy who wants it "on" all the time, to the owners who like the versatility of a valve that they can manually operate, and change the tone from aggressive with no drone and a musical note ( :lol2: ), to flat out ear splitting, race car sounding, insanity.


I was thinking that if we can get a couple orders locked in, I can do 15% and maybe free domestic shipping. I'm happy to listen to suggestions though if you all had any suggestions on what you wanted to see.



how to upload image online



how to upload image online






Valvetronic Supersport X-Pipe exhaust:

this system picked up 12hp and saved nearly 25lb over the stock system.




Non Valved Lightweight Supersport H-Pipe Exhaust:

This system picked up 16hp, and saved nearly 30lb over stock :eek3dance:







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