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Help Our Son Raise Money For Those Who Saved His Life (100% Goes to Charity)


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I haven’t really made a lot of time to be on here since our son (who was born 2 months early) arrived.  This real life miracle came into our lives on 8/30/2017, he is such a blessing, so happy and so full of life! Life for him hasn't always been this way, as he had a very tough start... He arrived weighing  3lb 9oz, 17 inches long, and was unable to breathe on his own...he literally fought for every breath.  He was given Surfactant, this helped him to be able to breath the first few hours of his life, without it we don’t know what might’ve happened. March of Dimes donations/research helped in the development of it.  With permission from a Mod.... I have never asked in the 13+ years I’ve been a member here for any type of donation,  but this is so very close to my heart. You can follow the link to make a donation https://www.marchforbabies.org/Fundraising/Team?teamId=1405709&teamEventId=2912031&#  and click donate to team.   It doesn't matter to me how much..... anything will help further research so that someone who might not ever get the chance, can experience hearing mama & dada like we do now.  There is a place to mark your donation 100% anonymous, so none of your info will be shared.   Thank you so much.   -Jason

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