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Dreaded ABS error

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2004 Murceilago e-gear stock

Got the ABS error code, sets off the TCS while driving. Drives fine with TCS turned off.

I checked the brake fluid level and it was full.

Took the wheels off and checked the ABS sensors. Was checking resistances of the sensors and they were all the same.

Went to the ABS computer in the front trunk and checked resistances on the harness and they were consistent. So nothing simple like a broken wire.

Tried to read error code off OBS 2 but no codes even though the dash ABS error light is on.

I looked at the passenger foot well and found the connector there. Anyone know how to read braking system codes off this?

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Lamborghini has a ABS program to read errors. Most common issue is 1 of the sensors intermittently cutting out. You can try to clean sensors connections and add Stablant to the connectors.

It may be hard to get new sensors. 

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Thanks, tried cleaning the sensors.

Will bite the bullet and get the dealer to read the errors.

Found a post that said the M3 rear ABS sensors are a match. Bought some off Ebay, will see if it works.

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