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  1. A friend of mine has been looking for a rear ABS sensor for a bit with no luck. If find you find a cross reference let us know. I will post if we come with one. Its for a 2001 6.0 Im sure the 98 is same.
  2. Hi Dose not mater if car is in gear when you replace battery. Bigger battery will not fit in the brackets. Interstates info is wrong. Unless it has wrong battery in it know and is lose in its brackets.
  3. When a clutch is installed you run the read write program. The egear releases the TOB which has a sensor on it. When it sees the main shaft start to turn thats the starting point of clutch life. As the clutch wears the TOB must travel more for the main shaft to start to turn. The more travel the more wear on clutch. When a snapshot is done its just pulling stored info from the egear ECU. So the egear does not do any thing at the time of a snapshot
  4. Lamborghini has a ABS program to read errors. Most common issue is 1 of the sensors intermittently cutting out. You can try to clean sensors connections and add Stablant to the connectors. It may be hard to get new sensors.
  5. They show the part in stock and for just under 1k at Scuderia parts.
  6. The potentiometers are not part of the actuator. They can be replaced. They due go bad, I have replaced them many times. Part number for potentiometers is 086927321A Thats from Bull Stuf a little over 1K. Good luck with your repair I hope this info helps. I worked on Lambos for over 20 years at 2 dealers before I retired due to a injury.
  7. Take out the new part and see if the go back to normal.
  8. Have you had any work done to system or top off fluid level? Have you checked fluid level? There is a vent in cap that will expel oil if over filled.
  9. If you want to know what it sounds like with valves open all the time it's easy to do. Lay on the ground you can reach up thru the air dam and remove vacuum lines from the valves and plug them, zip tie them up. Test drive. It does not make that big of a difference. At ideal is where you notice the biggest change.
  10. It can be done with engine in. The spec for valve lash will be on engine data sticker on side panel. Do you have a source to get valve shims or will you need to order them as needed. The shims are not cheep. I have done the valve adjust many times with engines in car on Diablos, Murci and LP640 use a step stool makes it a bit better. If you can't get the valve lash spec. I can look it up let me know, I remember it but always look it up best source is engine data sticker on side panel.
  11. I have seen them drip a little when tightn by hand. I would give them a slight snug with oil filter tool to make sure they did not drip. I have changed oil on so many during the 21 years I spent working on Lamborghini's.
  12. Strange had no issues when using factory clutch assembly and new disc. Installed a lot of them. Was the work done at a dealer or shop? What do they say the issue is. There is a 6 month warranty on parts but being clutch they will say no warranty wear item. But if it can be proved with measurements that one of the parts is defective they might cover the parts. Labor if it was done at a dealer if they proved parts where defectives.
  13. No its not normal. Is it E-GEAR? What was replaced? Was it a reman or new clutch assembly?
  14. I have seen this issue caused by the alarm siren. The alarm siren is bad. Good chance if you replace your alarm siren the issue will stop. I swapped one from a different car for a test it solved issue so I replaced the siren for customer and issue was gone. Did not read all the post before I posted
  15. If you are doing programing work on a ECU a battery charger that has support mode should be used. Voltage never stays that high with the key on with out support. LARA is not that sensitive to voltage as other platforms are. But as a good rule a charger with support mode should be used.
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