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  1. LDAS and LARA are two different programs and use different cables and plugs, LDAS is for engine. LARA is for other system including EGEAR. Depending on the year there are 3 different cables that must be used. If he used the wrong one it wont work. There is a chance if wrong one was used that could created a issue.
  2. I think he had already checked refrigerant level. If it's been a long time since you had the system charge it may be low. This is the normal issue.
  3. If it goes hot only in max position sound more like in car temp sensor issue.
  4. Did you have battery disconnected? sure you did. It sound like the ESP light. Its on because the steering angle sensor needs reprogramed. Just drive the car around the block should reprogram sensor. Best I can do with out pic of the warning light.
  5. Siren is in the right side of front bumper in front of right wheel. Not easy to get to best way is remove under panel. Module is in center consul area. Most likely siren going bad have had lost stop making noise and some very low like yours.
  6. Good deal its nice when its easy.
  7. Dose it also make the noise if you turn the steering wheel all the way to the stops left or right?
  8. It sounds like carter motor not working. Its not hard to take center engine cover off and look at piston on carter motor is pushed out. It should come out when key turned on. Ideal speed is to low when its warm. I think its best about 1180 rpm. Clean throttle body's then get engine up to full coolant and oil temps and set the ideal speed up. This should solve stalling issue coming to a stop with normal operating temps. Carter issue is a different story. Send me a PM if you like.
  9. What is the ideal speed when engine is warm. Sounds like carter motor not working. What is RPM when it starts up cold?
  10. It is on the l/side behind the side panel. It is a plastic reservoir on the 08. It uses atf even though the lid says some thing different. Make sure the lift system is down and do not over fill.
  11. It opened due to high heat in engine bay to help vent heat. Next time you drive car at around 15-20 mph it will close on its own and go back to normal operation.
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