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  1. No I suffered a very bad elbow injurie when I was at the factory training for Urus. Unable to work on cars with it. I'm know working at Raging Bull Performance as the service writer. Me and Frank worked together a long time ago. I can still use my 20 years of experience to help inspect & diagnose in shop but cant wrench any more. Between Frank & me we have just shy of 40 years of Lamborghini expertise. I think that's more then any dealer in the US. Thank you.
  2. Early warning sign is a white dust that builds up on valve covers. I was replacing headers on 1999 Diablos for this issue under warranty they would start leaking that soon. Diablo had 2-year warranty. The first one to start leaking is almost always the left rear header.
  3. The cars that run 18s have a different Viscus coupler. If I recall cars with 17 inch rims have 34 teeth and cars with 18s have 35 teeth. If you run 18s it opens the door to have issues. Not all will have issues it depends on how the car is used.
  4. On the left side wand (the arm that turns wiper on) there is a button on the bottom towards the end use it to change display. The end of the wand has a button that goes up//down to scroll thru items.
  5. It could also be the pressure sensor. With LARA softwear it's not a hard system to repair. Should have tested for power and ground to compressor first. What are pressure readings with the system running? Need more info. Camera wont have any thing to do with A/C unless you have rodent damage and they damage wiring to both.
  6. Do you mean what is the LIE used for? There are 2 LIE used they are the engine control units. 1 for each bank they are the same unit for each bank and can be swapped. LDAS is used to look at reading from these ECUs.
  7. The system has no memory so when the error light starts to blink test the system and see what code comes up. Recommend to use a stethoscope to listen to the shock while someone operates the control pad. Have them keep scrolling the up and down buttons while you listen you will hear the shock that dose not work. Bad part is no one has the electrical portion available that I know of.
  8. If your talking about the light in the cluster that blinks when going up/down and locks on when car is lifted it is not included in the diagnostics system. It has to do with the low/high pressure switches. By shock stiffness what I was referring to is the 1-4 adjustment that lights up in control pad. When one of the shocks stiffness adjuster motors stop working if flashes error light in control pad that's when you would use the diagnostic system.
  9. The switch was removed but there are 2 connectors there both have plugs with no wires in them. 1 is a 4 pin that is used for LDAS. The other is a 2 pin that is the one you must bridge the 2 pins together that puts it into diagnostic mode. But like I said that is just for shock testing not for lift.
  10. The connector to short the system to put it in diagnostic mode is by the fuse box behind the panel in the right front floor on 04 Murci. That is only used for diagnostic of the shocks and has nothin to do with lift system. When asked to do so it will blink a code thru the koni key pad that you must count. Codes 1-4 then you will know what shock group is malfunctioning.
  11. To use Lare you need cables as I list. First Gen Gallardo's Basic XS and Grey cable. Second Gen Gallardo's Basic XS and Black cable. 04-07 Murci ABS/AIR BAG Kline cable. 08 Murci Basic XS and Grey cable. 09-10 Murci Basic XS and Black cable. First Gen Gallardo's use Lara and LDAS for diagnostics. Gen 2 Gallardo's use Lara only. 02/03 Murci use LDAS and AIR BAG and ABS software. 04-10 Murci use LDAS, LARA, AIR BAG and ABS software. As far as different software I will list. LDAS which uses a LDAS cable and dose not plug into OBD port. LARA which dose plug into OBD port. AIR BAG program which plugs into OBD port. ABS program which plugs into OBD port. ODIS is used on Aventador, Huracan and Urus and is used to get radio codes for both Gen 1 & 2 Gallardo's, it uses a different cable (5054 head cable) that plugs into OBD port. Note Gen 1 Gallardo's will also need the OBD adaptor plug you see in one of the pics above for radio code.
  12. Gallardo where built 2004-2008. If not LP then it is 2008. The 8 digit from the right is the year of all cars. In that decade it was a number it will be a 8 which is 2008. In 2010 it changed to a letter so 2010 would be A and so on. In 2020 it will change back to a number it will be 0.
  13. I have done some math work. Went a bit high on numbers and there price is still is a chunk high. But with out knowing what they are replacing for sure hard to say. Give us a list of parts they plan to replace and can give a better answer. Are they doing clutch and TOB, egear potentiometers? What is being done for check engine light?
  14. LDAS and LARA are two different programs and use different cables and plugs, LDAS is for engine. LARA is for other system including EGEAR. Depending on the year there are 3 different cables that must be used. If he used the wrong one it wont work. There is a chance if wrong one was used that could created a issue.
  15. I think he had already checked refrigerant level. If it's been a long time since you had the system charge it may be low. This is the normal issue.
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