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  1. Strange had no issues when using factory clutch assembly and new disc. Installed a lot of them. Was the work done at a dealer or shop? What do they say the issue is. There is a 6 month warranty on parts but being clutch they will say no warranty wear item. But if it can be proved with measurements that one of the parts is defective they might cover the parts. Labor if it was done at a dealer if they proved parts where defectives.
  2. No its not normal. Is it E-GEAR? What was replaced? Was it a reman or new clutch assembly?
  3. I have seen this issue caused by the alarm siren. The alarm siren is bad. Good chance if you replace your alarm siren the issue will stop. I swapped one from a different car for a test it solved issue so I replaced the siren for customer and issue was gone. Did not read all the post before I posted
  4. If you are doing programing work on a ECU a battery charger that has support mode should be used. Voltage never stays that high with the key on with out support. LARA is not that sensitive to voltage as other platforms are. But as a good rule a charger with support mode should be used.
  5. Dexron IV or V can be used in systems that call for Dexron II. Make sure when you add fluid to have lift system down or you will over fill it (better a little low then over filled) and it will make a mess when you drive it and it gets hot. They can leak from any part of the lift or P/S system. Must inspect. The shocks can leak, steering rack, hoses to steering rack, lift supply hose, high pressure hose from pump to lifting system are the more normal items.
  6. Voltage test on battery is done with key off. Should be around 12.6. Its normal for voltage to drop when key is on as many items power up with key on and draw on battery. 12.+ volts with key on is none issue in my book. At this point it does not sound like you have a issue.
  7. I think your axial bolts backed out. I have seen then come loose from time to time. You should be able turn the hub, if bearing is bad you will feel it and it will have play. You don't seem to have a lot of experience with a repair like this maybe best to send it to some one that does. I agree looks like split CV boot. May just need new boot and bolts. The flange holes on inside look like they are oblong from bolt coming loose. May need new flange also. I would want to see it after cleaned up to make that call. The bearing is mounted inside the upright with the hub going to the flange. The pa
  8. What code did they say the ECU had stored in it?
  9. Have you checked the vacuum line going to the map sensor? If good swap map sensors.
  10. The seat can be adjusted with ODIS to allow the seat to go all the way back until it touches the back panel. Its set up from factory not to get to close to avoid any wear issues like the 560 Gallardo spyders had.
  11. I would say avoid MY 2012. Ride is not as good as 13 and up cars. Gear box issues, engine harness issues, seem to have more oil leaks, they do not get engine/gear box soft wear updates as much as newer modles and more problems in general then newer modles. I would recommend 2014 or newer. As far as coup/roadster thats a matter of your preference.
  12. There is 1/4 inch spacers under seat fram. They can be removed. Can lead to some wear on carpet after some time exp. if you adjust the seat alot. Seat mounting bolts go thru spacers on all 4 mount points.
  13. The coolant hose can be replaced on a coup or roadster with engine in. Every time removed a engine I would replace that hose is what I ment. Its easy with engine out. Kinda a pain with engine in, but can be done.
  14. The LP 640 came with a heat shield on hose. Good to add to older cars when hose replaced. I always replaced that hose when I pulled engines. Some times you need to make the hose a bit shorter. You want aleast 1 inch of clearence between hose & exhaust. There was a update to make the change on LP 640. Note while the book calls for engine to come out for starter it can be replaced with engine in. Not that hard with engine in.
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