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Is it possible to read the E-Gear clutch life manually?

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I have pondered an idea that the clutch wear can be read without the Lambo computer but was wondering first if someone can explain the sequence of events that occur when the E-Gear snap shot is initiated from the Lambo computer i.e. does the E-Gear actuator do anything to the clutch, etc.

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When a clutch is installed you run the read write program. The egear releases the TOB which has a sensor on it. When it sees the main shaft start to turn thats the starting point of clutch life. As

the clutch wears the TOB must travel more for the main shaft to start to turn. The more travel the more wear on clutch. 

When a snapshot is done its just pulling stored info from the egear ECU. 

So the egear does not do any thing at the time of a snapshot

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