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  1. milesh

    Roman's Ghost story

    seems legit
  2. milesh

    What do you do for a living?

    arms dealer
  3. milesh

    Hublot King Power Alinghi

    Tried one of these on at my Hublot dealer and am extremely tempted to get one. Anyone have a decent idea on what kind of resale value this particular model would have?
  4. milesh

    Things that make you LOL!

    Only lambo I've ever seen in Perth is a black gallardo spyder. Pretty sweet car. Probably there are a few non-kit murcies/diablos here but most are never driven and it would be extremely rare to ever see one.
  5. milesh

    ITSYELLO Murci Crash

    That really sucks :-( something like that is going to be expensive to repair. Hope the owner is OK.
  6. milesh

    Passion without color

    not exactly sure what you're going on about there, but great pics
  7. milesh

    Magwheel's garage

    looking good, I especially like the green murcielago
  8. milesh

    My Diablo pics

    looking good. By the way what country do you live in? it's nice to see the driver side on the right like we have in Australia for once (vast majority of lambo's have driver side on left)
  9. milesh

    Gallardo SE in Australia

    wish there were cars like that here in Perth :/
  10. milesh

    Car is 90% done

    Very nice. Having stickers all over your car = free and suprisingly effective advertising.
  11. milesh

    1 year to make 1 million? A theoretical question

    by amazing coincidence those are also my exact goals, I am 16 and in my final year of high school. The plan is: finish high school, get good marks go into a good field with good prospects go to uni/tafe and get my degree get a bit of experience start up a firm and hit the market where there is lots of demand develop my company for a few years hit the million dollar mark in profits after a few years millionaire by age 25 own atleast one lambo by the age of 30 unlikely to actually happen, but I guess it can't hurt to try
  12. I actually think the blue carrera GT looks kind of nice. Definitely wouldn't get it over the more standard black/silver/yellow/red colours, but I mean maybe if you have a large car collection you would get it if you wanted your cars to be a variety of colours