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  1. Tried one of these on at my Hublot dealer and am extremely tempted to get one. Anyone have a decent idea on what kind of resale value this particular model would have?
  2. Only lambo I've ever seen in Perth is a black gallardo spyder. Pretty sweet car. Probably there are a few non-kit murcies/diablos here but most are never driven and it would be extremely rare to ever see one.
  3. That really sucks :-( something like that is going to be expensive to repair. Hope the owner is OK.
  4. Very nice. Having stickers all over your car = free and suprisingly effective advertising.
  5. by amazing coincidence those are also my exact goals, I am 16 and in my final year of high school. The plan is: finish high school, get good marks go into a good field with good prospects go to uni/tafe and get my degree get a bit of experience start up a firm and hit the market where there is lots of demand develop my company for a few years hit the million dollar mark in profits after a few years millionaire by age 25 own atleast one lambo by the age of 30 unlikely to actually happen, but I guess it can't hurt to try
  6. I actually think the blue carrera GT looks kind of nice. Definitely wouldn't get it over the more standard black/silver/yellow/red colours, but I mean maybe if you have a large car collection you would get it if you wanted your cars to be a variety of colours
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