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  1. Roman

    Fubotv commercial the hell do I add a video?
  2. Roman

    Fubotv commercial
  3. Like a gold pendant or charm?
  4. Roman

    I’m back…

    (̿▀̿ ̿Ĺ̯̿̿▀̿ ̿)̄
  5. Roman

    I’m back…

    I’m Still in Kentucky. But Hollywood’s still in me.
  6. Roman

    I’m back…

    Blow me.
  7. Roman

    I’m back…

    Lick my taint cock gobbler.
  8. Roman

    I’m back…

    So. I’ve had to keep a low profile. Some of you know I took a fairly high profile job on the Board of Directors of a real estate investment trust. In the course of my job I was first appointed to the merger committee Then the IPO committee last year I was re-elected to the board with more votes than any other director-including the CEO- by a factor of several thousand votes. Finally I was appointed to the Audit and compensation committees The two most important and legally required subcommittees on any board Some of you who know me may see articles about me leaving the company and the companies response to my (very public) resignation . I suspect more articles are coming. It was not an amicable departure and I did what I thought was best for my shareholders given the circumstances which were untenable. I know many of you reached out and got no response but there was a moment earlier this year where I felt like Tom Cruise in The Firm And the analogy is fairly similar I needed to disappear and Lp was the first place people might look I’m sorry I worried you Anyways. I’m glad to be free from the intense stress of what I e been dealing. Am considering what I’ll do next for business (if anybody needs a Very experienced board director with unique sarbanes oxley audit committee experience- I’m available!!!) and getting back to my new life And You fuckers
  9. Roman

    I’m back…

    Buckle your seat belts. Shits gonna get real.
  10. Roman

    RIP Zmydust (Jonathan)

  11. Roman

    Roman and Ace Walk Into A Bar...

  12. Roman

    Pshop guys

    Need some wet work done... Anybody up for it?
  13. Delores O'Riordan of the Cranberries, most famous for being a slightly less insane version of Sinead O'Connor, dead at 46.
  14. Roman

    Is anyone in the BITCOIN market?

    Good... We dont care.