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  1. Thank you regarding the exhaust clamps info.  OEM retail is 329.00 each.

    Have a great day!

  2. Thanks everyone for the info. It certainly looks more difficult than it is. Is it just the four bolts that is holding up the half drive shaft?. I will source out the Lobro parts kit.
  3. 1992 Diablo drive shaft boot re & re procedure required as noted on item 10, (beside the right heat shield, item 8). I noticed there were some grease splattered around the right heat sheild and tailpipe after a drive and finally discovered the boot had a crack. Also, what socket size and type is required to remove the 4 bolts. Is it simple as it looks? Thanks.
  4. Thanks, Mike I was wondering how the oil temperature guage can be tested for any faults.
  5. Thanks, ab Oil pressure is normal. Just snapped a phot of the oil sump and the single wire is the oil temperature sensor unit?
  6. '92 Diablo oil temperature guage not operating after a short drive. It was reading normally and working fine all these years till now. Any suggestions where I should start looking for a possibe fix. Thanks.
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