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  1. There is carbcn.com they make a lot of GTR R35 pieces.
  2. Looks like my passenger front has a small leak. The dealer has a 10k package but it removes the adjustability of the ride. I have seen some on eBay. Anyone send them out to get rebuilt? Does Komi still make them? Thanks in Advance.
  3. Fuel pressure regulator? They are $500 at the dealer. Key Fobs???
  4. First project done! Replaced the battery and added a tender. (Replaced interstate with a red top) Is everyone leaving this guard/wall blocking the oil cooler?
  5. Thanks Everyone! I will reach out to Roy.
  6. Gators2001

    Diablo intro

    Been on the outside looking in for a long time. Finally got my First Lamborghini. I picked up a Diablo and look forward to the new adventure. One of the first things on my on my list to get is an OEM Satin Indoor car cover. Any thing out there? Best place to look?
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