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  1. Hope everyone is having a good week. I've had the Gallardo now about 2 months, and have had a few days off that had some good weather so got to take it out and have some fun. So far, its a blast and I love the V10 sound right behind you. I have a video to share from Cars and Coffee event held at the Circuit of the Americas. The venue is really turning out better each time as it grows. If you haven't been there before, I recommend you go at least once. I think we really lucked out getting the Formula 1 race track right here in Texas. So, check out the video and give it a thumbs up! I plan to go the next one April 7th. Anyone else here from the San Antonio or Austin area go to Cars and Coffee? Cars And Coffee Austin
  2. This video features some of my favorite cars of this San Antonio Cars and Coffee event. Also, this is the first event I was able to go to after the recent purchase of my Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4. The day started out with some wet roads, but once the sun came out, more cars began to show up and we had a full lot. In the comments below, which is your favorite car? Cars And Coffee San Antonio- March 2019
  3. Previous owner seems to have taken good care of it, and prolly liked the look of the rear diffuser to match the body, but guess that be one cosmetic modification I do later on. I sure it wouldn't be too hard to take that diffuser off the car if wanted to repaint black, but we shall see.
  4. How's it going everyone, I finally pulled the trigger and completed a goal of mine to purchase a 2009 Gallardo LP560-4 in Giallo Midas. My Dad and I went up to Lambo Dallas to purchase it and drove it back home. Overall, that was a fun father and son experience as he was first to drive out from the dealer. So far I have been able to take a handful of friends for a ride and everyone has had a blast. So, hopefully we get good weather soon and I can take it out for more nice drives and catch up at some car shows. Also, feel free to check out my youtube link to a little more video of the car. -->https://youtu.be/I2f7bOJA4Kw
  5. Sweet Pics! Lambo pics are always fun
  6. Hey Torkey! Have some sweet lemonade!
  7. I was able to see the Alpha lambda lambda lambda and the lambda lambda lambda and the omega mu mu record breaking runs at TX2K12 and then the Texas mile right after that, gotta give ASS props for a great build. LOL
  8. Wow, that and then the TX2K12 event I went to in houston is the most GT-Rs I have seen in one place, awesome!
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