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  1. There is a problem with some of the carbon rotors being different weights I think. Caused a little shimmy at high speeds. Highway vibration finally solved! I'll try to make a long story short as I know this had been discussed in other threads. Picked up my new Z R1 on Oct 29 and as soon as I got up to 75 the steering wheel began to vibrate. Pulled rotors and stuck them on a balancer and they were out 1.5 oz!! (with visible lateral runout) Pulled a 3 yr old 15 inch Stopthech off Dannys race car for reference and they balanced 0 with no lateral runout. We then balanced my carbon rotors by inserting bolts from the inside out and then threading on nuts from the outside with a set of long pliers. Put them back on car and took it out and OMG for the first time since owning the car the highway ride was dead smooth. Now for the permanent fix which obviously should be new (balanced) rotors and should only be a phone call away for a new 120 k vibrating car. (or even a vibrating cobalt for that matter) GMs first reply was that they know about the problem and the fix is to counterbalance the assembly by adding 1.5 to the wheels and indexing them so if removed they could be placed back in same location. Bull$&@#! Danny had to work his way up the food chain until he got to talk to a brake engineer who basically admitted that they had run out of the supply of "Validated" ie balanced rotors and at some point had begun to put on nonvalidated rotors but that he would immediately send me out a set of validated and balanced rotors which he did. Now I have mine and I am happy, but I hate to think about how many man hours are spent out there by customers like myself who are taking time off figuring this out and getting it fixed while GM knows about the issue and is still putting these S#%t rotors on their flagship car.
  2. I hope this is taken without any harm. Romandad in your first post you mentioned that something sticks out like a sore thumb. You hit the nail on the head with that. The amount of room that the garage sticks out compared to the front of the house does not look uniform. It makes the garage look like an addition to the house instead of something that was incorporated in the beginning. Sort of like a fiero/lambo kit car. Designed with good intentions but is just not visually appealing. Have you thought about moving the garage to the back half of the house thus bringing the family room to the front and enlarging it to meet the same width of the garage. This may cause some problems with the master bedroom but since you are just starting out with this massive project it may be worth a look. Another thing you may want to think about when you asked if there is something else you should be putting in the walls is making sure the electrical is upgraded in the home theatre room as well as the hvac system. Electronics will heat up a room quickly if not vented and ac'ed adequately. Anyway, just a friendly opinion and good luck on the project. Mike P.S. You definetely need to make the front entrance and doorway more pronounced. Maybe build it out a few feet to seperate it from that bay window besides it.
  3. Thats right I am a POS fan. I have been lurking here never posted as I am not one to cause s!$t. My forum name here(lambozan) is actually the name of a troll who was visiting one of the forums I frequent. Apparently a German magazine that just came out has written a time of 7:40 around the ring, which is with the crappy run-flats on. If anybody cares, I am sure there are not many, digitalcorvettes has a thread going as well as Corvetteforum and Z06vette. Not here to cause crap, I know the relationship between car guys are not always friendly but I come in peace. :supz: Lambozan(not really) Oh by the way I got my flame suit on and will be interested in any replies. As most will want to see proof of this, I am sorry but I don't have any yet. When I get a copy of the mag I will post it if all is well and good. As I said I am not here to cause s#$t and will not reply at all to this thread. Have a good weekend
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