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  1. Debated on selling my car as is but I figured starting a part out thread might make the sale of my vehicle easier. I am about to start a part out on my car so here are the mods that will be for sale: Vorsteiner VFF 107 Carbon Graphite w/ Nitto Invo + Vorsteiner Spline Wheel Bolts + TPMS: $OLD 20x8.5 +30 235/30/20 20x11 +30 305/25/30 on for 1.5K miles, mint, no bends or rash Swift Lowering Springs w/ Helper Springs for Pre LP Gallardo Coiloverr: $500 originally ordered new so I can utilize firmer and shorter springs. Spring rates are improved for tighter suspension feel and the ability to lower more than .5" if you have factory axle lift or prevent bottom outs from over lowering factory spring limits on stock coilover. Raging Bull Valve Muffler Delete X Pipe: $2000 Purchased used off a member on here. F1 high pitch, it seems the cross over X pipe muffler delete is the infamous design for this tone Fabspeed Cat Bypass Pipes w/ o2 Extenders: $800 Purchased brand new from Fabspeed. Increases the tone of the f1 pitch, shoots flames, no CEL with this setup, maybe my car is the lucky one. used under 1K miles. Infamous combo on youtube for Pre LP Gallardo's As the car sits today
  2. already got it on with the Chinese lettering bro i think anytime you shoot fire and hear exhaust backfire, your butt dyno thinks you are going faster but in reality, I don't know. if anything the weight savings should of improved the car and the free flowing helps up @ the top end knock on wood, none, I also got the Fabspeed o2 extenders in there as well
  3. good information to know. I've been going back n forth to see if I am ready to part with the car but every weekend drive makes me not click "submit" on autotrader HAHA
  4. different photography, different day, but still the same car
  5. 2017 updates: Swift Lowering Springs Vorsteiner VFF 107 20" wheels Fabspeed Cat Bypass Pipes I love the Vorsteiner Spline Wheel Bolts
  6. one of the checklist prior to purchasing was the vehicle was I wanted a little bit more exclusivity so that is why I opted for a Superleggera version. I have also seen the total numbers, total vehicles for sale and the average selling price and dependent on mileage, I would say the car is at a good plateau now for bang for buck value in the exotic car world. I don't always buy vehicles hoping they appreciate in value, not to say if it does happen, it will be icing on the cake
  7. the car factory should of came with that X pipe, my neighbors might beg to differ @ startup but I enjoy the F1 howl of the exhaust now!
  8. been battling a massive Italian itch and this car seems to checke the most boxes in my Italian criteria. My new to me... Couldn't handle the orange
  9. looking good bossman, will have it all wrapped up this week!
  10. Saw the car in person at Lamborghini Newport. Up close the carbon contours and lines are amazing
  11. wow crazy how Vorsteiner aero development has gotten serious about the game... but I guess when your Lamborghini clientele, you only demand the best!
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