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  1. NRG x Lambo

    Picked up 2 Lambos

    HOLY COW... how does one even remotely begin to enjoy 2 EPIC cars coming in at once?!?! Must be the closest thing to what a 3-some feels like. WHERE DO YOU FOCUS?!?!?! LOL! Congrats!!!
  2. NRG x Lambo

    Is the Model X a perfect daily driver?

    I have a MODEL X that I now use as my primary family hauler. We've had it for about a year now and over 16k happy miles on the car. We did have to sacrifice a little storage space coming from a minivan to make the X work, but the benefits and "cool" factor stepping up to an X was definitely well worth it for us. The biggest thing you'll want to consider, if you're using it as a DAILY, is to figure out how much you'll be driving it for majority of it's use? It's not worth immediately ruling out the car if it doesn't meet the needs of your 2-5% usage. The only time our X has been an issue for our family is when we are traveling as a FULL family. With every seat occupied, it's hard to get all our luggage in the car if we're traveling for any significant amount of time. But at that point we just hire a shuttle/car to come pick us up and take us to airport anyways. If you do LONG commutes, then range anxiety maybe a real deal for you. Again, we use it 90% of the time within the city to pick up kids from school, errands, lunch, etc. So we're more than fine with the range. I saw SOMEWHERE that today might be LAST day to pick up FREE SUPERCHARGING using someone's Tesla referral code. If you are interested, I'll post my referral code below:
  3. NRG x Lambo

    Portable steam cleaner suggestions

  4. NRG x Lambo

    Portable steam cleaner suggestions

    I'll try to find the brand, but there's an attachment you can put on a pressure washer that shoots water upward specifically for undercarriages. Almost like a car bidet. LOL.
  5. NRG x Lambo

    Huracan Performante SE30 Homage Edition

    love every bit except for the color keyed front spoiler/lip. it just reminds me of some of the owners who body color matched every black accent piece on their murcielago or aventador.
  6. NRG x Lambo

    FS: 2018 Huracan Performante $308k 960 miles

    awesome color! GLWS!!!
  7. NRG x Lambo

    Performante Spyder just landed!

    You know you're doing SOMETHING RIGHT with your life when you're MODDING a BRAND NEW (1st) Peformante Spyder even before you TAKE delivery of the dang car! Congrats... looks killer! Will you be letting the coupe go or has that already been sold?
  8. NRG x Lambo

    John Cena settles with Ford!

    for what its worth, at least it sounds like it was a good ending to the story and not some publicity nightmare for EITHER party. good on FORD for taking any monetary gain and putting it into charity. i DOUBT ferrari would have been so generous. LOL! #FerrariPISTAoff
  9. NRG x Lambo

    Scissor doors on Huracan

    the idea of opening the door OUT then UP is already reason enough NOT to do this...
  10. NRG x Lambo

    Info on this BLU CAELUM Superleggera

    that seems to be a common experience with this dealer. i can't believe this blu caelum SL is still there! the ONLY part that worries me is that it was either a press or track/demo car for lamborghini if i'm not mistaken?
  11. NRG x Lambo

    Car lifts again..

    i think DIRECT and AUTOLIFT only have the version that's 94-95" wide. BendPak has some that are wider in clearance. (still 4 post)
  12. NRG x Lambo

    Car lifts again..

    i'll try to post pictures of my garage soon, but i have some photos up on my IG @ danielksong . i recently put a 4-post lift in my garage. i had SUPER tight height tolerances, which doesn't look like you'll have an issue with. i did a fair amount of research before getting the lift. 1) get the high-lift garage rails. (which sounds like you are) - it'll give you clearance over the top car. 2) lift master makes a great jack-shaft (side mount) garage motor. super quiet and also has an auto deadbolt lock when the garage closes for extra security. i have the "wifi" version that allows you to open and close on their app if you'd like. 3) direct lift looks a LOT like AutoLift too. i have a feeling manufacture might be same but made under few brand names. i've seen another lift called "######" that also looks VERY similar. i was going to do a BendPak HD9 - which was most recommended and probably the most popular brand name - but it was nearly $3000 without install. AutoLift was $1900 and INCLUDED: drip trays, caster wheels, jack tray, etc. all paid accessories for BendPak. i honestly didn't see where the EXTRA $1000 would go in a BendPak... here's a few PERKS about the AutoLift brand: a) Bendpak requires compressed air. The air helps lock and unlock the safety locks as you raise your car. The AutoLift system uses just a manual lock system which you pull on a safety lever as you lower the car - again looks like DirectLift one has the SAME system from your photo. NOT needing the additional air source was more convenient for me. ALL the extra accessories are worth it. Caster wheel kits are expensive and would allow you to move lift in case you were going to do work in garage, etc. The DRIP tray is almost a necessity to avoid unwanted dripping and leaks from car above. c) SPRING for the optional aluminum ramps - unless you plan to keep approach ramps attached to the lift, but you'll need an ADDITIONAL 3-3.5' behind the lift if you want to keep them on. the steel ramps are heavy and can do some serious toe damage if you drop them or something. 2 aluminum ramps are lighter than 1 steel ramp. all that being said... i WOULDN'T do 2-car LIFT. the idea of moving 2 cars OUT just to get to 1 car on top seems like a huge hassle to me. i think having a 1-car (4 post) lift side by side is fine. the loss of SPACE is minimal if you consider putting the posts RIGHT side by side. essential a thicker column. as long as the 1-CAR lifts are abutted together, you should be fine and should be the most convenient way to get cars in and out. hope that helps - again have a few photos of my LIFT on my IG.
  13. NRG x Lambo

    I'm back in the Diablo club

    CONGRATS!!! Looks like an EPIC car.... is there a link to the dealer inventory photos? would love to drool at the photos for a bit.
  14. NRG x Lambo

    GT and SV to the top...

  15. NRG x Lambo

    2018 Huracán Performante Spyder

    i haven't looked into pricing.... but curious question: what is the approximate UPCHARGE between the coupe and spyder?