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  1. As the founder and CEO of ABCDieselZ.com; here is my .02. Depreciation is the acceptance of which you are willing to sacrifice. Everyone knows Lamborghinis do not lose value. They are an iconic piece of automobilia in which dreams are made of. As for the price and how much you win or lose monetarily; that solely depends on you. At what price are you willing to pay to own a Lamborghini; and the premium of the brand at the time; the murcielago. If you want a smoking deal, they are out there. Patience is a virtue. Search and search and search and you'll find the deal of a lifetime at some point. I'll give an example. I always dreamed of the Countach. Man to me, that car was the shit! Being a car guy at heart and an entrepreneur, I was always on the hunt for deals and that included searching eBay on the daily. Every day I would run a search on Countachs as I knew the rarity and I was always fascinated by them, especially as they got rarer over the years. I'm 31 now. So one day a few years back, 2011 if memory serves right, up popped a black Countach on eBay. Only this one was different. It had an opening bid of $20k or $30k. It was a few old dusty pictures and a very vague description. I believed the car was a deal of a lifetime so I bid on the car, requested the contact information, and then cancelled my bid knowing I did not have the funds. But hey; I wanted more info. So I called the number registered to the eBay account. I called the number and chatted with this nice gentleman. He told me the car belonged to a friend of his; a female. The car was her husbands car and something had broken on it 15-20 years ago. It was at Lamborghini to get fixed and at that time he came down with a life changing event. Due to everything going on; once the parts came in she did not have the $ to fix the car and she had the car towed home and all the parts brought with it. Her husband progressively got sicker and the car was forgotten about. The husband passed and the car was abandoned in her garage. Now in her upper ages she wanted to get rid of the car and didn't know what it was worth. They wanted that bid amount to sell the car and let someone finish the repair; something in the differential, and reassemble. I asked the guy if the lady would accept any sort of payments as I did not have the cash at the time. I should have pressed harder to get it but by the time I could have made it happen the car was gone. Where it is now, I don't know. It was out in Cali somewhere. Moving back to 2016, if I wanted a Countach I would run out and drop $350k. As for driving and miles; that is all on you. Miles will definitely play a factor in resale value. But I tell you; to a TRUE enthusiast, IMO, they would rather a car with miles and babied it's entire life with service out the ying yang than a car with no miles and no service just been sitting collecting dust, dry rotting, getting eaten from the inside out with no love. With brings me to my story with Lamborghinis. I bought my first 04 G; I'm actually getting ready to sell it this week if anyone is interested; 2 owner car I bought it 2 years ago with 39k miles. 6 speed coupe silver. I bought this car over any others b/c why. I saw a guy who drove it but had more $ than knew what to do with and blew it on the car as he enjoyed it. Fluids changed every 6 months, plugs changed with them, replaced every single sensor on the car, spent $70k on upgrades to it I mean adding every piece of carbon you could get, full custom interior, newer transmission, prototype authentic lamborghini carbon fiber body kit, 3 sets of wheels, extra transmission that a shady business in northern virginia called ECS never gave back, that's a whole other story for another day, and, had it hand autographed at a Lamborghini event by legendary Valentino Balboni, and genuinely LOVED the car. To me, this car had features and amenities that no other car had and to me the miles didn't mean a thing. 2016, I just bought my first Murcielago. To say I'm excited would be an understatement. Below is my purchase. 2006 roadster, 1 owner car, 34k miles, e gear, AND an accident on Carfax. Yup that's right I said it!! An accident on Carfax, HOLD THE PHONES, STOP THE PRESS, run home to mom scared. That's what most would think when that pops up. This car has paintwork on the LR quarter from YEARS ago and oddly enough it has some stress cracks from age so it needs redone. Hey great; I see what happened and that's simple. Otherwise, Carfax shows great service at Raging Bull Performance in Cali. Being an interested buyer I decide to get the shovel out and do some digging so I pick up the phone and call RBP. I casually engage in some convo with the gentleman on the phone telling him I'm inquiring about a car at auction. He says; mechanically the car is awesome but it could use some love cosmetically. Well heck; that's just what I needed to hear b/c I already know the quarter needs painted and from what the CR on the auction report showed the interior could use some love too. Everything was right in line. In my mind, this was a well loved car that was driven but the owner enjoyed their time with it and moved to newer. I could paint a quarter, heck that's easy. I've done it on thousands of trucks without people "seeing" so this is just another car at the end of the day; just make it perfect. The interior seats have some wear, the dash has some shrinkage, and the buttons a little sticky. Well shucks; that's just a reason to rip it all out and upgrade it; make it stand apart from everyone else and restore it to better than new. So now that we've decided that we want this car, the question is; can we buy it? So we wait for the car to run at auction, watching all morning from the computer in VA as it's running in California; only to find that it never comes and never crosses the block. I said heck on this I want to know what's going on so I called the auction. I get in touch with the person running the lane and they said the car wouldn't turn on they didn't know what was going on. (come to find out the battery switch had been turned off) I tell the lady well heck it had to have ran and it doesn't magically just break; can you please call the seller and ask them what they want for the car because I want to buy it. As long as they give me a fair deal and guarantee it did run and don't know of any problems I'll buy the car. She tells me I need to make an offer. So I think; well shucks Jason here's your chance; how good are you. I tell the young lady I do not know what the car is worth needing all this work they said it needs with the interior and the paintwork and how much the carfax hurts the value. Now I know in my mind NADA value is $178k avg $191k high, $142k low and the only one on manheim market report is a yellow one which is a cruddy color for $122k. So I tell the lady well I think it's worth $80-$100k you can tell the seller that and see what they say. Worst they can say is no. They lady says she will ring me back. 10 minutes the phone rings and it's this lady from the auction. She told me, "The seller said they have $120k in it and someone offered them $112k but if you give them $113k you can have it. In my mind, they were playing games; when you're talking $100k one thousand doesn't make a difference. Either way, looking at the numbers; this is a win win for me; I'd good with this; do not want to push further and blow the chance; sign me up I'll take it! Now in my eyes; I will spend $1,500 on a quarter (not about what you know it's who you know), I'll take the interior out and spend $5k on it making it one of a kind and I'm in a $190,000 dream car for somewhere about $120k done. I won't stop there, I'll keep adding more to the car and loving on it and INVESTING into it to make it my own. As for the monetary part; I feel I can own this car a lifetime without losing one single cent. Murcielagos are proven to not depreciate past a certain point. It's been proven on the years. Now if I would have been like most and simply gone to the nearest dealer for one I would have paid $180k for a mint car that is retail ready and being purchased from a retail store. That cost comes with a premium. Mine came with hard labor. Either way, there is cost. Pick one and accept it. Thank you for reading my .02 for whatever it is worth. Jason Adams CEO ABCDieselZ.com
  2. If anyone here can remind me we @ ABCDieselZ will be pulling the dash in my murcie here in the next few months to have the full interior sent out for re wrap and custom upholstery. We just did two Gallardos and I should have taken photos. It's not bad at all. Just nuts and bolts. Pay attention and remember where they go. Someone remind me in a few months and I'll do a how to article w/ video and or pictures. Jason CEO ABCDieselZ.com
  3. Definitely the unicorn car!!! Man that is just so sick. Absolutely gorgeous. Right color, coupe, right trans, and upgrades........ya I'd say you crushed it!
  4. This is a set of 19" HRE P40 monoblock wheels wrapped in Yokahama tires that came off my 04 Gallardo. The wheels are in excellent condition with no curb rash. They need to be washed, but with some simple soap and water they clean up great. Tires are in great shape as well. Looking to get $3,500. Located in Fredericksburg, VA. Call Jason @ (540)848-2825
  5. I'm sorry but I don't have any pictures of it on the car. It has been sitting in the shop for about 3 years. I didn't want to part with it but I have no use for all my extra parts so I'm going to start selling them.
  6. This is a LP560 bumper that was purchased from RSC a few years back for my 04 Gallardo that was never installed. It is a fiberglass bumper. It is brand new and is sitting on top of the box it came in. Located in Fredericksburg, VA. Call Jason @ (540)848-2825. Asking $1,500
  7. This is a 6 piece full carbon fiber body kit including fenders that I acquired when I purchased my 04 Gallardo. I purchased the car from a good friend and was told this is an authentic Lamborghini prototype kit that he imported from Italy. It is one of 4 that were made. He paid $10k new plus shipping/customs fees. It was painted to match my car and installed for a month before taken off and went with a different carbon set up. The kit is in excellent condition and if you have a silver car it is ready to bolt on. Asking $7,500. Located in Fredericksburg, VA. Please call Jason @ (540) 848-2825. I would prefer local pickup but it can be shipped at the buyers expense.
  8. Thanks for your service!!! No matter what lambo you buy it'll be a great day that you'll never forget. With that said, I own both a 360 and a gallardo. They are two totally different cars. You can read all day about problems people have with both cars but all in all they are both great cars and are two exotics you can actually drive without service costing a fortune. My 360 I just did major service and f1 clutch in and all said and done like $8-9k. Not bad. The biggest thing to look for when buying is service history. I'd rather buy a higher mile car with service out the ying yang then a lower mile car with 8 owners and no records. Before you buy, go look at both the 360 And the gallardo. Those here that have or have had both will tell you they are totally different cars. It's all about what YOU like 😃
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