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  1. Thank you for the kind words. I put this together as a quick history of the events about a year ago -
  2. I am 6'5" as well and I am on LP640 #5. I have a 34" inseam so my torso is longer. I have decided that I fit in the car and I can drive them without thinking it is uncomfortable. That being said, it is quite snug. I certainly don't sit up straight in them but I have found the right slouch to where it works. I have driven them without seats and it is unreal how much more room there is. The best way to take advantage of this would be to take the seats out, fill a big plastic bag with "bead seat" which is what they use for racing seats where multiple drivers swap during endurance races, sit on the bag and suck the air out, and then let it cure. Then take it to an upholstery shop and let them cover it with matching leather, and put some velcro on the bottom so it will stick to the carpet. It will look goofy but work and be safe enough. I have never decided, in about 50k miles, that it was worth the effort to create a new seat. What I would suggest is finding a car that you are ready to own if you can get comfortable in it and tell the sales guy that you need to spend some real time in it on some roads that are extremely wide open and easy including some highway. Give him a comfortable deposit first so they are comfortable with you. What you will find is that you don't drive a car in the same position you "try one on" in. You will be much more comfortable than you think.
  3. The issue that will always plague branded title cars (TMU, buyback, salvage, etc.) is that they are insufficient collateral for loans. On some time horizon, the accidents or negative history events don't really matter relative to more recent servicing and restoration but people do finance cars at all values. Of course as they age that happens less but it still has some impact. Of course, it is not the only factor in a value so there are certainly examples of cars with bad titles selling for more than cars with high mileage or undesirable specifications. All things being equal, though, they will always bring at least a bit less.
  4. Yes, at this point it is safe to assume that no manual LP640s or LP670s (regardless of transmission) will ultimately be scrapped due to an accident or damage. One was recently restored after having originally gotten a Lemon Law title brand and then being totaled in an accident. Another former engine fire/salvage title one sold at a strong value two weeks ago.
  5. After 10 long months, my LP640 came back better than ever. It is now Verde Draco and I am loving it. Here are some recent pics taken by Winning Automotive Photography. After 5 LP640s, I think this is the keeper. Here is a video about the process.
  6. Thanks so much. Planning to pick the car up next week and road trip home from Arizona to Atlanta.
  7. Full color change, replaced front bumper because previous repairs were sub-standard, replaced several trim pieces, patched holes from previous rear wing. etc. Correct, the color is Verde Draco. Thanks! Very excited to see it in person soon.
  8. Does anyone have a photo of where the color breaks are underneath the bat wings? My 640 is nearly completed and we are not sure where the gloss/matte black starts since the car was gloss black to begin with.
  9. Does it happen to have a gold (bare magnesium) intake plenum? What is the build number (last 4 of the VIN)? I would guess it is between 2000-2075.
  10. The shop is going to spray out the color mentioned above. Hopefully that looks right. That is a matte finish. Different than the Murci wheels.
  11. Wow! Thanks so much. I will see if my shop can reference that paint code. Thanks so much for checking John. Hopefully my guy can use Louis's code above. My contacts all said the same thing you heard - no idea. The gray on your orange car and the paint I had done to my orange car was just a bit too dark and always stuck out to me. Hopefully I can get it. I was hoping someone would have a set laying around but Roy didn't and none of the dealers I have found have a set. A trade would be awesome. Did that gray car you were looking at that had them ever sell? Seems like it was advertised forever. Perhaps they are ready to change the look up. Thanks! Excited to see it come together. Thanks! It has had a rough few years but we went through it and apart from the cosmetics it is very solid. Yeah, would have loved to have them! The 670 wheels look terrific now, though. For sure.
  12. Spoke to them and they said they didn't have a paint code because of the way they are powder coated. The black wheels are painted. Their advice was to get a shop with spectrum analyzer to match it but you really need more surface area for those to work well.
  13. Bit of a long shot but does anyone near Phoenix/Scottsdale have factory powder coated Titanium Hercules wheels for a Murcielago? I replaced my Grigio Telesto manual LP640 with a black manual LP640 that I am color changing to Verde Draco and I want to get them an example of the factory titanium color/finish to replicate on the Hercules wheels on the car which are currently painted black. There is not a paint code for the color, unfortunately.
  14. I don't have much on this one other than that it was advertised by Euro Motorsports around 2011 and was Balloon White at the time.
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