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  1. I have a Novitec Spring kit brand new in the boxx available for an Aventador. The part number is L5 111 03. I can send this out to you immediately. Send me a PM if you want them.
  2. I have a set of brand new Velos VLS01 wheels ready to ship immediately for a Lamborghini Huracan. VELOS VLS01 2 pc Configuration w/ 50/50 Hardware Fronts- 20"X9" Rears- 21"X12.5" Finish- Brushed Triple Dark Outer/Inner and Gloss Black Hardware
  3. Here is a video of a custom exhaust we tabbed for a Huracan. It made 19 HP and just over 20 ft. lbs. torque.
  4. Here is a dyno chart form our 2015 Huracan LP-610. The car made an extra 19HP and 7 ft. lbs. of torque using 91 Octane pump fuel in California. You can expect better results in the other 49 states but we are currently only working with cars that are in the Los Angeles area so this will be representative for SoCal owners only. The dyno chart has been improved over a wide power band and that is ideal for increased performance f the car. The tune is very safe and reliable on pump fuel. Our friends over at Boostane have been working their magic on a fuel additive for us and we have had some very impressive results with it. We will be writing a new tune for the fuel additive this week and I am looking forward to sharing the results. Once again the fuel we will be using will be 91 octane out of the pump. If you are looking to just add a tune to your stock car then these results will be perfect for you.
  5. Not all Huracans are equipped with the factory cup holder. If your car does not have the cup holder, you can add it to the car as they make the complete kit for it. It only took us a day to get it and the cost of the kit was $500.00. The first one took us a while to install but I'm pretty sure the next one would take between 2-3 hours labor from start to finish to install it. Here are some photos of the install for anyone that may be interested in adding this part to their Huracan. If you are in SoCal, I would be happy to do it for you. If you find the need to have a cup holder in your car and you are willing to spend about $800.00 to get one then this is what is involved and how it looks installed. Here are some basic pictures of the install. The Kit Itself THE PROCESS FINISHED PRODUCT
  7. It bottomed out at first, we had to raise the front a little to fix that.
  8. We finished installing the Novitec Suspension for Magneto Suspension and the Novitec Spacers and Bolts on our 2015 Lamborghini Huracan. Here are some photos of the finished product so you can see what your car may look like with these parts installed. We also corner balanced the car and we had a 4 wheel alignment done to bring the car back into the proper alignment specs. It really did change the overall look of the car and we are very satisfied with the appearance, handling and the balance of the car now. I would definitely suggest doing this modification if you have a Huracan. If you have any questions in regards to doing this installation please feel free to PM me and I will gladly help you out with any advice that you may need. Next week we will dyno the car and work on a tune for it and get you all of those results. We are in Los Angeles so we are handicapped with the crappy 91 Octane fuel mix but I will show everyone what the actual results are. Thanks- -Craig
  9. CPais

    Kryptonite Huracan Mods Finally DONE

    What tire did you use on that car and what size are they?
  10. CPais

    Cost to Lower a Huracan

    OK, cools, these numbers are in line with what I thought. One shop told me $200-$300 for the install and that was way off from everyone else. Thanks for the help. I'm not taking it to that lower quoted shop, they obviously do not have the experience with this car.
  11. CPais

    Cost to Lower a Huracan

    That included the price of the springs?
  12. CPais

    Cost to Lower a Huracan

    How much have you guys spent to lower your car? It looks like I have to use the Novitec lowering kit and I found the parts at a great price but now I need to figure out what's the labor cost. I was reading another thread on here where it seemed like people were cutting their springs but that seems really crazy to me. I have had 3 quotes that are all over the place. One is ridiculously low and I don't trust that they have ever done them before because the other 2 quotes are much higher. What labor price should I expect to be around?
  13. CPais

    Cause of revving fires?

    I'm no exhaust guru and I don't even work on Lambos but I have seen about a half dozen that went on the dyno before and after and not one of them made more horsepower with straight pipe style exhaust but the customers didn't seem to care as all they were interested was waiting to get a shot of the flames coming out of the exhaust on the dyno. So I'm just saying that it is dumb to spend a ridiculous amount of money on a set of straight pipes for this car that do not work, are not engineered in any way other than to empty your wallet and can possibly cause you to catch your car on fire. It's probably only a matter of time before the insurance company denies a claim because something was changed that caused the fire that was not a Lamborghini part. Then it would be a real problem for the owner. So to get back to what I was saying, I think it is pretty dumb.
  14. CPais

    WTB: SLS Black Series.

    I have a black one for sale in SoCal. Well, it's not actually for sale but for the right price I will let her go.
  15. CPais

    Cause of revving fires?

    It's a weird thing that Lamborghini owners do. I can't tell you how many people change the exhaust for flames and sound, it's a very high priority on a Lamborghini owners reason to do an exhaust. Wheels and exhaust are the major modifications. I have NEVER had an Aventador owner make the power and torque the main influence in his exhaust purchase. Aventador owners don't really care that much about power, all they really want is to drive around local roads revving the engine and shooting flames. That's ok, I have no problem with that. If that's what you all want, that's fine with me. Now, this is where it gets really stupid. "Lamborghinis go on fire because the owner was driving around revving his engine". That's probably not the actual truth. It should read- "Lamborghini goes on fire because owner was dumb enough to spend lot's of money on a piece of crap exhaust because owner doesn't know better". The real truth here is that if you spent $13,000+ on those Quicksilver pipes, $4000+ on the Fabspeed pipes, $4000+ on the Agency Power pipes, $8000+ on the LNB pipes or any of these types of exhaust systems you are an idiot!!!! Come on people, do you think that there is any difference between the pipes used to make a Lamborghini exhaust and the pipes used to make any other car exhaust. Now you are going to take out your muffler and maybe your cats and you are going to swap in some straight pipes with nothing else. OK, I'm not going to tell you that you are dumb for doing it but you are an idiot if you spent the money like any of these systems cost that I just named. YOU ARE GETTING RIPPED OFF!!!! Buy an exhaust like an Akrapovic or something if you are going to spend that kind of money, stop being so damn stupid. I'm not telling you to not modify your car but I am asking you to stop installing parts that are so inferior you may cause your car to burn to the ground. Just because you spent a lot of money on something does not mean that it is good. It's unfortunate to see how many people in these cars get ripped off so badly. If your gonna spend your money on something, buy something good. STOP BEING STUPID PEOPLE!!!!! I have tested many of these exhaust systems and believe me when I tell you that the manufacturer does not want you putting your car on the dyno before and after the install. Fortunately, they manufacturer does not really have to worry about that because most of you don't really care, you just want bigger flames. Well, don't bitch and moan when your car burns to the ground. If you want some advice on what you should be getting for your money please feel free to send me a PM if you have any questions.