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  1. I am trying to find a way to bring the down shifts to corsa from sport as well. There should be a option in settings to turn that off or on. I think MAYBE the reason it does not blip & sound as hard & loud when downshifting in corsa mode is because it is meant for the track & tracks usually have sound mic that picks up noise & a car to loud can't run on the track? Only reason I can think of.
  2. Not sure if this is already a known thing to you all or not but figured I would share. On a trip a week or so ago I was at a very high well known dealer in Cali getting a quick oil top off on my Huracan & got really cool with the people there. One informed me that he is one that has been able to see up close & know much info about the new Preformante / Supeleggera & told me that it has MOVING rear wing & also something in the front that moves but he would not say what. He said it all moves & adjusts with the speed & cornering of the car kind of like the pagani has. wow....thats cool for a car of this caliber
  3. I have some new news for you all incase you did not know about the H Sup / Pref...A very well trusted high seller in Cali told me a couple weeks back "it has moving parts in the REAR & FRONT for aerodynamics which help it get these crazy times" he said the wing will move as well as there is something in the front that moves but he could not tell me what it is in the front but it all adjusts & moves with the cars speed & turning kind of like how the Pagani has
  4. Okay Everyone. Here it is all done finally. Took a while because I got caught up in the ADV1 fall that happened but it's all back on track now & I could not be happier with the new look. Its bold & different for sure. All Installed By Auto Art in Chicago. Introducing my Huracan LP610 aka Kryptonite..Now ready for this 9 Day 2000 mile Rally coming up with my GiaLai Team. - New Mods - Vorsteiner Wing Carbon Fiber Gloss Vorsteiner Side Blades Carbon Fiber Gloss FabSpeed Exhaust k40 ADV1 Wheels Novitec Lowering (it should be a crime not to lower these things...looks SO much better than with those huge gaps) - Other Mods - Carbon fiber Gloss RSC Mirror caps Gloss black & satin Black wrap here & there Gloss thin red lines pine stripe here & there Green Color Matched X Engine Brace Bar Carbon Fiber custom starring wheel Carbon Fiber custom door handles, center console, gauge console custom floor mats
  5. Very nice but I think the gloss CF look popped way more & could tell more from even distance it was CF not just black still. I like gloss CF myself a lot more than the flat but either way its yours & looks good either way ha!
  6. Are You sure you were not driving in Strada mode or something lol? Sport or Corsa modes using paddles & all? Damn...if you found that Placid you must have driven some serious cars in your life
  7. Yes indeed that is near me & i'm in GiaLai Team now as well. We are preparing for this upcoming LONG rally all over the place next month. Thanks too!
  8. Damn they are really pushing that big body around the track. yes yes yes...let this hurry up & release so the normal 1.0 Aventadors prices can drop even lower & maybe i'll pick one up
  9. So how exactly would "Live Fast" be written out?
  10. I'm all for having fun with my Lambo that's what it is for but there are places & times for that & a residential area is not the place ever. I understand though it seems to me like he might have only been going about 50 & the uber driver could have pulled in front of him who knows or on the other hand him & his wife driving side by side kind of racing a little could have blown though a stop sign & hit him. Either way a man is dead & if they would have been driving normally & not drunk he could have reacted & avoided it most likely.
  11. Nice post & OMG LOL LOL LOL I literally just laughed at the "I Cant See SHIIIIIT" part ha! Yeah I have the glass bonnet & honestly I am used to it. I feel Like I can see just fine..well...not just fine I won't lie. But I have gown used to it & I don't have an issue looking & seeing if anything is behind me. Now there are those crazy blind spots so every time just to be sure if I don't see anything in the glass behind or the mirrors I still give her a little JOLT speed to make sure nothing is hiding in my blind spots before I get over.
  12. Thanks & yeah to me cars of the cost of a Huracan / Aventador should already come with real nice carbon fiber interiors & specially steering wheels stock so I had to do it. Specially the steering wheel. That is the part of the car you see , touch & use the most so why not make it look & feel amazing & its not to expensive either about 2500 dollars
  13. Oh really? I had locals translate it & others say it is pretty much spot on when they see it but IDK. I do not speak it myself I am just a huge fan of Otaku & anime & the way the language looks & all haha
  14. Thanks You All! I will post new pics once all the mods are installed & I get it back. Prob some from our upcoming rally next month too it's going to be CRAZY. Denver to Albuquerque to Scottsdale to LA to Vegas 8 day rally / trip.
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