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  1. Thank you, this is the kind of feedback that I am looking for.
  2. So, added a Factory Gallardo Race Exhaust, on my 2013 Gallardo Final Edition. I really want to remove the silver exhaust heat shield around the exhaust. The Race Exhaust is about have the size, and allot lighter. The factory heat shield hides the the shinny race exhaust. Has anyone changed their exhaust and removed the heat shield? I just want to make sure that I don't melt anything. Please Advise......Thanks. GQ
  3. So I have noticed on eBay a couple of LP-560's that have removed the factory heat shield in the engine bay where you can see the aftermarket exhaust. Is this safe? I know in the past, I did this to a couple of my Ferrari's because the aftermarket exhaust holds allot less heat then OEM. So I have a the Lamborghini Factory Racing Exhaust on my car, so is it safe to remove the heat shield? Thoughts? Have you done this? Any melt or heat issues? Thanks GQ
  4. I strongly agree with your statement. I feel the 488 is a exotic car, where the Adventador is more a Super Car. I feel that my Final Edition gets more looks then my 458 Spider. I could only imagine driving a Adventador would be like.
  5. LMFAO....Prancing Donkey.......
  6. I bleed Ferrari, bought my first one 10 years ago, been through all the models. 348,355,360,430,458 Got a taste of a lambo when added a 2013 Final Edition Gallardo next to my 458 Spider last year. So here I stand, I can place a order in February for a new 2018 Ferrari 488 Spider, or buy a preowned 2015 Adventador Roadster. Regardless, I am keeping the Final Edition, and trading the 458 Spider for either 488 Spider or Adventador Roadster. It will be the 1st time in 10 years that I will not have a horse in my garage, but have 2 bulls. Not sure what to do? I know this is bias to this forum, but looking for some feedback, good or bad. I am sure when I post the same question on Ferrari Chat it will lean another way. I am honestly on the fence and can lean either way. Thanks........
  7. So I have a 2013 Gallardo LP560-4, thinking about a extra set of wheels and tires. What is the correct size wheels, if I jump to 20's. Then what size tires? Thanks GQ
  8. Awesome, I have one too. in Rosso Andromeda. The BLACK looks mean!!!
  9. Question does anyone have a Huracan in Rosso Andromeda??? Can you post a pick. I see a ton in Rosso Mars, but was wondering if anyone ordered one in Rosso Andromeda. Thanks GQ
  10. I went through great lengths to figure out what is closest to Rosso Corsa from Ferrari. It is Rosso Andromeda from Lamborghini. No question. Rosso Mars, has a pearl in the paint, where Rosso Andromeda does not. No Pearl. So when side by side, Rosso Andromeda is the closest. It is the only reason why I bought my Lamborghini was because of the color, I wanted it to match my 458 Spider, in the garage.
  11. The car is probably leased and not owned.
  12. Just want to throw this out there. I have had 5 Ferrari's so far, my current model is my 458 Spider. I bought my 1st Lambo 2 months ago for a second exotic car. Gallardo LP540-4 and when I drove it, it felt like a bar fight. Where all my Ferrari's feel very refined. So I thought because maybe the Lambo was older and I was comparing it too much to the 458. So I just upgraded the Lambo to a 2013 LP560-4, and still the same thing a BAR FIGHT. Is it me, or the feeling between the two that much different?
  13. Jefflambo, thank you VERY MUCH, this is what I needed. The car is a E Gear, and the clutch is close to where it needs replaced. I am buying it at a discount knowing this, I just wanted to see if it was possible to be done by my friend. Now I know it cannot. Have a great Holiday, and a Happy New Year. I will post pics, as soon as I get the car, if all the remaining pieces come together.
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