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  1. 6 months to retool.. Id think new cars by end of next year.
  2. Was lucky enough to get a glimpse of the Sian. Looked amazing. Was told the electric motor works in between shifts to shorten shift times. Also, there was one Aventador S on the line, was told it was the last, or one of the last ones to be built. Pretty much all the Aventadors on the line were SvJ roadsters, and the production # I saw was 9244.. According to what I was told "unofficially " production will end right at 10,000 units including all special editions. They produce 4.5 Aventadors a day. Specifically told early next year the line is shutting down and being retooled for the replacement.
  3. I believe there is a relay that controls it.
  4. I love the SVJ, but I just dont think its worth 200k more than an SV at this point.
  5. Damn.... and there I was telling everyone I was friends with a huge Youtube star.....
  6. Im on the fence on the SV, vs an S or an earlier 13+ . On one hand I really like the Sv and its huge wing, on the other hand, I really like the clean lines of the normal Avey with the pop up wing...
  7. Urus is definitely selling. Only car I see coming and going at the dealers. See them all over. Personally Im a big fan of them. On the flip side you never see any Bentayga or Cullinan.
  8. I agree on values. Thats why Im waiting to see what happens, but getting itchy for a new ride.
  9. I spoke to a few people about it, and they felt it should be ok, however going 2wd would be your safest option.
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