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  1. Steve at EMC in Az? George Evans in Ohio?
  2. There must be a place that rebuilds these .
  3. Have you tried contacting any of the shops that have been doing restorations on the these?
  4. Wonder if can get the factory rollbar for a U.S. Sto
  5. I thought only FerrariFags did that?
  6. By the Ferrari factory there are several exotic rental places. I rented a Huracan, and while out running the local roads we ran into a few Ferrari guys willing to give it a go.
  7. The Pagani museum was interesting to see, even though its not very big. Ferrari was a bit boring, although a few of the famous restaurants nearby were fantastic. Most fun I had there was renting a Lambo Huracan and hunting for Ferrari test drivers.
  8. Definitely visit the Ferruccio Lamborghini museum as well.
  9. Yes, ive seen a few tests where the STO is beaten by the 992 Gt3 on track...
  10. I guess nothing happened with Lambos Ring record attempt?
  11. Hows reliability on these? Ive always wanted an R1.
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