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  1. Testarossa weight vs Countach 25th Anniversary weight via Steve Mrav at EMC in Arizona. The Countach has euro front bumper, and gutted cats with 1/4 tank of gas. The Testarossa has full custom exhaust done by Steve just like my car. Basicly straight pipes going off the headers to tailpipes. No muffler. Testarossa had under 1/2 tank. Figure a stock TR must weigh around 3700lbs .
  2. I have fabspeed on mine, with no cats. Sounds amazing.
  3. Thats awesome. Might need to look into one of these.
  4. What kind of mods on the Porsche? Hows the transmission hold up to repeated launches? Love the Porsche.
  5. Awesome. Ill still take the Countach though!
  6. We eagerly await for you to do a better test!
  7. Was amazing ! Countach vs Testarossa
  8. The 6.0 does not bring more money than the SV if you're comparing similar cars. As for them being better as well, I disagree. The SV is more exciting to drive. The 6.0 feels heavy like a Murcielago, and the experience is dulled down.
  9. Yes , quite an experience in the snow. Also seeing the expression on peoples faces when they see a Countach in the snow was funny.
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