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  1. After sitting for months, old faithful fired right up and off we went.
  2. Thats going to be a tough one.
  3. Prior to this I was worried this car would blow me away and Id have to sell everything to have one. Thank you Lamborghini from saving me from a terrible mistake. That being said I think its ok, not terrible, but even a regular SV is more exciting to me.
  4. Tommy, what a blast from the past. And I still talk to Rakjoe all the time.
  5. Yes, Ive been looking at center consoles, like Nor Tech, Mystic, Midnight express etc. I think something like that in the 35-40ft range does it all.
  6. My plan was always to get one, but from what Ive been researching it maybe better to do a newer sort of tribute. with outboards. Im hearing inboards need rebuilds like every 50 hrs..
  7. Currently working towards getting a home on the water in South Florida, and starting to research boats. Holy Shit are there a lot of options.... And holy shit do used ones depreciate. Love to hear everyone's experiences and see what you have.
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