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  1. Yes, I think this way it doesnt require certification .
  2. Rumor has it that it does make more power, they just aren't advertising it.
  3. They all look good!
  4. Hmm.. they didnt do that with me.
  5. Hmm... They take your card info. They dont charge your card unless you win.
  6. Yes! They definitely try and pressure low reserves!
  7. And sadly the tire kickers are the most vocal.
  8. Ive noticed that you have far too many know it alls on the site who try and tear cars apart without ever having bid on a single car, or if you look at their bid history it was so far below the value of whatever they were bidding on you know they had absolutely zero shot. Yet they are on every car, asking questions, requesting info be posted etc.
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