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  1. Wonder if can get the factory rollbar for a U.S. Sto
  2. I thought only FerrariFags did that?
  3. By the Ferrari factory there are several exotic rental places. I rented a Huracan, and while out running the local roads we ran into a few Ferrari guys willing to give it a go.
  4. The Pagani museum was interesting to see, even though its not very big. Ferrari was a bit boring, although a few of the famous restaurants nearby were fantastic. Most fun I had there was renting a Lambo Huracan and hunting for Ferrari test drivers.
  5. Definitely visit the Ferruccio Lamborghini museum as well.
  6. Yes, ive seen a few tests where the STO is beaten by the 992 Gt3 on track...
  7. I guess nothing happened with Lambos Ring record attempt?
  8. Hows reliability on these? Ive always wanted an R1.
  9. After sitting for months, old faithful fired right up and off we went.
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