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  1. Allan-Herbie

    Back at Cats!

    Who are we to deny him then! Do it daily...
  2. Allan-Herbie

    Back at Cats!

    Nice. Congrats. Kick Roy in the nuts for me.
  3. Whats normal oil temp for everyone? Ive been noticing my car runs just barely under the red . Is that normal? Im in AZ so temps are hot. Also, whats everyones recommendation on oil for hot AZ weather.
  4. Thanks guys. Got it sorted!
  5. The 720S is the only stock car Ive driven that reminded me of my Gallardo TT on pump gas. Its definitely fast as hell, but Ill still take the SV anyday.
  6. If you find any nice early Diablos for 100k, let me know Ill buy them.
  7. Nice 91 's sell as high as 200k... The white car on Bat had some issues, including the aftermarket wing. It sold for $150k including the Bat fees. I know a very clean 95 VT sold for $170k..
  8. Video worked for me. I wonder if this was the car that caught fire the other day on the ring.
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