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  1. Fellow enthusiasts, I am contemplating selling my gated Performante. I love the car but have to make room for another car. I've also had it a fair amount of time and I also don't have time to drive it much anymore. Highlights: - black with black alcantara interior with red stitching - My understanding is that it is 1 of only 3 gated Performantes ever delivered to the USA. - Car had full front PPF when I bought it. I replaced this original PPF with new PPF when I bought the car as it had some marks etc and the front was in mint condition underneath. - It just completed a full service in April with all fluids, new tires, etc - Car only has 12,500 miles on it. - Car has custom K40 install I am not in a rush to sell as the other car I have coming in will not be here for a while etc. I would like to see it go to a good home. It is a stunning car to look at and drive. I turn up to some Ferrari events in it and it often steals the show If you have ever wanted one of these in particular or any gated Gallardo, I would say this is the one. Pictures attached. PM if interested and thoughts welcome on best way to sell.
  2. Amazing job Oldschol. I'm very fortunate to own one of the 3 Performante manual cars. Amazing that there were only 15 of the 4 wheel drive LPs in total in manual! Makes sense that more driving enthusiasts ordered the -2 cars in manual... Absolutely love the gated shifter. So few interesting cars made these days with manual transmission...nice to see the Porsche GT4 get Evo car of the year 2015 - it only came in manual...
  3. wow...that must be amazing in stick...timing the shifts must be hard with all that power... thanks for all the kind words forum members...
  4. Sorry guys - was raining all day yesterday will take pics today and post some...
  5. I still can't believe I finally found one. It's in mint condition with 1500miles and looks stunning with a Grigio Pheonix interior. Still can't stop looking at it from all angles whenever I go to my garage. The car is epic! What a sound as you accelerate and the gated shifting feels so solid...just truly amazing... Massive shout out for Ed Bolian who helped me find this car and arranged the deal and everything. I know you all know Ed well from this board and it was an absolute pleasure working with him. He is a true enthusiast and one of the best dealers I have ever dealt with. Some highlights include; - He was offered materially higher for the car after we agreed our deal and did not change anything - he even offered to share the profit if I wanted to take the higher deal from the buyer who contacted him - can't say fairer than that.. - I was also buying a manual Performante at the same time from a different person and he helped me verify some of the history of the car with his contacts at Lamborghini - so helpful and thoughtful... - He was very honest and balanced when doing a full inspection and service on the car. He has one the longest running techs in the US, if not the longest. Ed's communications including descriptions, pictures and thoughts were just great. - I had some fairly tight delivery timeframe constraints and he exceeded them with the car arriving on a Sunday morning allowing me to maximize my enjoyment of the car during my vacation time. Ed is a great guy and I can't speak highly enough of him - a real pleasure. I'm in love with this murci....one of the last of the great Lambos with the bizzarrini v12...I love these analog cars...they do seem underrated vs what else is out there and I think it will and should adjust over time... I feel blessed to own a manual LP570 and a manual LP640....both so different but both epic in their own way but 100% lambo!
  6. some good pics are still up on exotic motors midwest site; http://exoticmotorsmidwest.com/2013-lambor...tara-em-a12658/ The black is a pain to keep clean but looks amazing....
  7. Yes it was the black one that was listed and is 12658....will send some pics soon....gated shifter is just great....
  8. Thanks very much for the information. No wonder I didn't see many. I just bought a Nero Noctis Performante with a manual transmission. Absolutely love the gated shifter and the smoothness of the mechanism.....engine sound is just amazing....I'm thrilled to have a manual....came from a manual R8...
  9. Anyone know how many manual LP570s there are and the split between SL and Performante? Curious - they seem fairly rare...? I saw the post on gen 1 SLs but couldn't find a topic on 570s... Also - does anyone know how many 570s in total were made? sorry if there are previous posts - I tried a few searches... thanks in advance
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