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  1. Sorry, my dyno shop was shut down and we couldn't get any runs. But she sure is a beauty.
  2. And it has two exit pipes like Stardropper....hmmm....
  3. Well looks like that may happen. I have a dyno shop that wants to do a collaboration with my mechanic shop on displaying all aspects of this exhaust on social media. So we will know once and for all just how much hp is loss to have this glorious sound.
  4. I totally get your point and I agree with you. I went back and forth for weeks on deciding to sell my stardropper to someone else because people were scaring me about the horsepower loss. I literally thought for hours on this decision. I think what tipped the scale for me was realizing that we are way behind on the power curve at this point with the car world (as you mentioned), that racing just about anyone will yield a bad loss. So my thinking is that a 10-20 pony loss is not gonna change anything since we're so far at the bottom. So I decided to keep the Stardropper. Also, I'm hoping my ecu tune will help neutralize the loss.
  5. Yep it's hard to give the AV a high top without a raggedy bottom. Ask Gintani and Kreissieg.
  6. No, I have Capristo on right now. Smoother sound. I felt the best "all around" exhaust out, until I heard Stardropper. I didn't know how to get Stardropper so when i heard Gintani copied it, i tried him out. But he couldn't deliver. However I'm so glad i finally found a way to Stardropper thanks to effspot and lambo_jesus.
  7. And I will be the second. :-) But I'm not an IG/YT type guy, so that doesn't even matter, lol. You and Doc can have the limelight, I just want the sound. :-)
  8. Sup, thanks for sharing the vids.
  9. I tried Powercraft, Capristo, and even a failed order with Gintani who couldn't deliver. But nothing touches the King. Thank you @LAMBO_JESUS for bringing the King to America. Click link below. http://instagr.am/p/CHSt_mIpvhk/
  10. Well this thread now has a conclusion..... Turns out Gintani couldn't make the exhaust for other models. I waited 2 months on my order to find out that he promised something that couldn't be delivered. He gave me a refund. At least he can do SVJ's though. BTW Stardropper (Brilliant by Sasaki-san) does not weigh 80kg. Lambo_Jesus is installing his today and he said the whole box with packing didn't weigh 30lbs.
  11. Well if power is the main concern, out of all these you mentioned, Capristo sounds the best. And btw, there are some who would risk your "alleged" Stardropper power loss for that insane sound. Just check out Lambo_Jesus...he's installing his today.
  12. Old thread.....thought I'd update it for 2020. Stardropper is now King.
  13. Oh I feel you on that. I remember all that. I do have a tune on the ECU for more hp, so that should balance me out.
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