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  1. Kratos

    VF Engineering Hex Tune Review

    Did the OP ever confirm that his tune was indeed not a "placebo effect"?
  2. Thanks. I will listen to it at work tomorrow. Lol
  3. Good to know. People scared me away. Lol
  4. Yeah. Wheel gaps are exaggerated in pics too. It's not bad in person.
  5. Lol. People were trying all day to sit in it and take them too.
  6. Nah, I kinda like the quad corner exhaust look. Plus I heard doing the center style makes it annoyingly loud (aftermarket wise).
  7. Can't do that with a Vorsteiner bumper. It would be undriveable.
  8. Just sitting here in my office bored and decided to share a couple of pics of my car, LOL. I mean what else am I supposed to do at work. Haha
  9. Kratos

    Huracan TT and SC vs 720s....

    Yep, exactly. We can sit here all day and say that a UGR car will spank it, but the fact that we have to go that far to beat a "STOCK" car is the point of it all. And Fikse, I apologize for my early reactions. Your videos are great. I guess I was just another butt-hurt Lambo owner who couldn't handle how "slow" our cars are stock compared to other brands. Lol.
  10. Kratos

    Huracan TT and SC vs 720s....

    It's getting embarrassing and really hurting our brand. One man with one car with one channel is single handedly dealing a serious blow to Lamborghini owners. I'm kind of wanting him to stop now....
  11. I own a Supercharged Huracan ( ESS whipple 2.9 ), and I tell people all the time, supercharging is for improving driving torque, response, sound, low end accel, just making the car more fun........ not for high speed straight line racing. Use UGR for that.
  12. The purple looks superb.