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  1. They are a dark grey. I had ADV's on my Aventador also..
  2. Very kool, I know that car.. You will love it!
  3. Thanks! http://www.detroitspeed.com/Projects/SW-19...ns-Am-pg-1.html
  4. ADV5.0 MV.2 CS series wheels. 20x9f 21x12.5R Talk to [email protected] Wheels or [email protected] EVS Motors. Thank you, it's by far the most favorite car I own and my Son's as well
  5. Thanks guys, unfortunately the weather here has sucked so I have not had a chance to drive it. I can't wait until it clears up!
  6. Thanks, we don't have many pot holes here in Austin..
  7. Thanks, there are 2 notches on the shock where you can move the lower c-clip down but they are not cut deep enough. We ended up machining it so the clip can fit. I think Swift is coming out with springs soon also.
  8. Thanks guys, just got my new wheels on..
  9. Pm sent.. Not for a while, UGR is way too busy right now, want to enjoy it for a bit. The LP560 went to a friend of mine here on this board, I will let him announce it..
  10. 1.2 in front 1.4 rear Clearplex on windshield For me, the Huracan blows away the drive of the Aventador, sorry to say this, but it drives/ handles like a Ferrari. I love the feel of the whole car, the transmission is perfect and the sound is just right..
  11. They are the stock forged wheel option, 20"
  12. Just picked it up last Thursday. I had it lowered, tinted and complete clearbra..
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