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  1. Point taken, don't re-race someone after winning, then they turn it up 200hp... Lol.
  2. Call me crazy but I'm really good with the factory exhaust in sport. Can be dead quiet in Strada, and sound good at WOT and on the downshifts in Sport and Corsa. The Huracan is my goto cruiser though so I don't want it loud.
  3. I wonder what ever happened to the real car guy spirit that appreciated different cars for what they were, without trying to make themselves feel better? The X Huracan is sick as hell. Tony's GTR is sick as hell. Is that really blaspheme?
  4. The ideal street car to me is probably a 1750whp 2R. 1550whp isn't quite enough IMO. That white car is one I probably shouldn't have sold and just made it the race car. Ha, yes ma'am. As soon as you show up to TI
  5. That R8 is definitely fast, just Bob was faster. As far as comparing any given pair at the track to the street, the only logic that makes sense on the street is that it's less controlled, so more room for competitor error or cheating pretty much. On the street, there is nobody to red light you if you jump, or sling shot, and there is no defined winning line, so technically, whoever lets out first could be labeled the "loser". Any event that can legally simulate street racing on a good surface, trumps the street any day.
  6. Speaking from experience, just over 2000whp is totally unsafe on the street. I sold my white car for 2 reasons: 1. 2000whp on the street, with as much as I like to run on the street, is a death wish. 2. There is no place at TI for a 6 speed TTG with a good shot at KOTS To not be comfortable racing your car at TI, then call someone out on the street when there is a perfectly good and safe way to race, is the epitome of idiocy.
  7. We can go ahead and call this what it is, jealousy. You're not simply curious, you just like to stir the pot and taking things out of context. You conveniently left the part out Amar direct specifically about Seafish, and instead taking that for what it is, you highlight a part directed as a general comment to "if you don't have experience, don't bite off more than you can chew" and directed to Seafish. Grow up man.
  8. Amar and TSS put on the classiest roll race event, period. It's disappointing to see people cheapen it after with uneducated banter. It amazes me that on one hand the people are intelligent and act enough to create the means to afford these types of cars, and also are as stupid as they are showing up online (across both forums). The R8 and GTR were both rolling the hell out. No disputing that. I've known Tony for several years and I can say with all honesty that I can think of no other tuner is who intelligent enough or well equipped enough to challenge the monsters that are UGR cars all while being an all around great guy. I've loved both my T1 and UGR cars and they are THE places for their respective platforms, IMO. The R8 is absolutely crazy, I'm ecstatic for Sebastian and UGR to pull out a win, the competition is getting stiffer and stiffer. Kevin and Tony are true racers and if two different shops had to be in the final, hell yea it was them. Congrats to both of you, and Kevin, stop screwing with my head! Lol
  9. Saw that earlier. SD definiely needed the rain, but perhaps not at that expense. Surely his driveway sloped down to the garage, we didn't get that much!
  10. If anybody thinks that A_M.S is out because of a bet, you're out of you're mind. If they are out, they either have more important commitments (to them), or the car isn't ready, plain and simple. At that power level, everything is vulnerable and there is no shame in a car not being ready for an event. Agreed. If someone hasn't raced TI, they have no idea what it takes. It takes flawless runs over and over.
  11. Here is my 2R making just at 1800whp vs. Dalton's Supra (64psi + a 200 shot), (end of the video). Something is up with Sandman's race. Reverse sandbaggin? Lol I texted Javier after I saw that video. His car is definitely fast. Do you just have the intake for safety, or is it a 1R+?
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