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  1. Whats up guys, long time lurker first time poster. I have been spit balling the idea of stepping up to the big boy league and buying my first super car. I was between a cheaper/entry level car like an r35 or v8 r8 as i wasnt sure if i wanted to spend gallardo money. After some consideration i feel that id rather spend the extra 25-30k and get a gallardo like ive always planned. Ive seen a few for decent prices but i felt the mileage was quite high (40-50k) for something i will be dropping this kind of money on. I do have a few questions for you current and past owners out there - 1. what
  2. I totally understand that and where they are coming from. I would never knock anybody for not wanting to share their secrets because i understand where theyre coming from, you always have to look out for yourself before others. I just figured i would throw it out there in case anybody felt the generosity and opted to do so. As a car guy, this has by far been one of the most inspirational forums ive found, ranking higher than most business forums to me. I will just keep pushing the way i have been for years and one day ill get there! I am going to look at a new (to me) work truck tomorrow to be
  3. I totally agree. We have always had much better results when sitting down with our clients or meeting them in person. I always think of it as we are doing a residential estimate, when doing those we always try to get face to face with our customer unless they request other wise!
  4. I joined this forum with intent to buy a gallardo in the past season and decided to hold off, invest more into myself/my business and keep my cash available for future investments. Long story short im 22 years old and started my company about 3 years ago (its a sort of property management for residential owners/commercial companies with 95% being residential) . Over that short period of time i was able to work my a** off and grow the company revenue x5. As i am happy with what has been accomplished, i have never at any point been content and know there is more out there. As of now we are confi
  5. "investing"..."wasting"... same thing lol
  6. i suppose investing a little more into the supra may be the smarter option at this point then
  7. 22 years old.. the maintenace and down payment are not a real issue. the reason im capping myself at such a low number is i feel like at this point in my life i should invest majority of it back into my business and other ventures. on the other hand i dont splurge on toys much so i figured this is something ive wanted to do why not. hence why ive looked at the cheaper r8 option. Im just on here looking to get advice from guys who have been in my situation, who have done this process etc.
  8. any opinion on best place to go through for funding? After looking at gallardos forr the last few years it looks like they hit 85-90 and stay rock solid at that price. Ive seen 04 gallardos with 40k miles for 90k and ive seen 05 gallardos with 8k miles for 90k. So im searching fo my best option but like to get funding set up first. Ive seen up to 12 year loans but have yet to apply
  9. Tryin to keep it under 90k so id most likely be looking at an 04-05 gallardo or v8 r8
  10. Been thinking about getting into my first exotic for the last few years but have yet to pull the trigger.. There isnt many local places with this quality of cars near me so i havent had a chance to do any test driving only online shopping. Can anybody with personal experience give me your opinion on which car youve enjoyed more? performance, issues, maintenance etc
  11. Hit old vegas but make sure you go at night when the lights are on. Chris angel in the luxor is a fun show for the family. Otherwise be ready to gamble and drink for 4 out of 6 days. I dont recommend going on the offered tours as they are usually drawn out and dry. Check out counts customs while youre there. He has his personal collection in the show room!
  12. Appreciate the information youve shared thus far!
  13. If any of you have launched an SEO campaign and can recommend a company id be willing to try a switch. Right now i pay $615 a month for my website and SEO campaign. By general keywords i mean things like "soft washing, roof cleaning, surface cleaning, professional window service, gutter service " etc etc.. When we do all our print and EDDM marketing we tend to throw out a discount coupon to track the success of the marketing. Also, ive looked into possible app use and i believe since our service radius is so small (about 50 miles surrounding the capital region) it would not be worth the money.
  14. I agree with all of you guys. We do make sure all work quotes are fulfilled within the day of call which some times this includes doing quotes until 9pm if thats what it takes. Also all work is preformed within a few days or at very latest within the same week. As far as work quality we have never had a bad review thus far which we take pride in. I know numerous people tell me print is dead however we honestly get 85% of our business that way. We have a professional website and seo campaign provided from hibu and our keywords are fairly general which would lead the optimal amount of cust
  15. Im sure some of you own some type of service based businesses (contracting companies, cleaning companies etc etc) Currently own/operate an exterior detailing business for commercial and residential properties (soft washing, roof cleaning, siding renewal, heated surface cleaning and sealing, professional windows and pretty much all things exterior detailing) This our second year in business and we are just not doing the numbers i would like. We are busy enough to have a couple employees and myself but looking to get the name out on a larger scale. Currently running google adwords, website, law
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