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  1. Had the same issue.......old guy garage is correct. I was able to break the flywheel free by jump starting the car with a push.....dropped it into gear and broke it free....attempt at your own risk. Worked on my Jalpa..
  2. Check out Lamboweb.....there is contact info about a guy who rebuilds them
  3. FrankD

    Diablo intro

    Congrats......I bought an Aventador cover.....came with seat and wheel covers for my 98 Roadster with wing......fits 99% Recheck your dimensions.....may work for you. Got it from Kerback....like $350 shipped
  4. Is it currently in their inventory in Paramus? May want to head up there and screw with them a bit.....
  5. He has a set.....unfortunately, it is missing a piece....
  6. Verrrrrrry niccccce......congrats
  7. Thanks....I've been tracking ebay also.....
  8. Anyone know of one for sale? Thanks Frank D
  9. What is the name of your shop John? Thanks
  10. My partner lives in Fairlawn......I live about an hour south. what is your time frame? Thanks FrankD
  11. It may sound strange me asking for this.......it's actually an issue that I hope won't affect us going forward. When I bought my 98 Roadster, the lower warning lights had a small gauge on the Cat R L icon.......not sure why? It didn't affect function, but I didn't like the cosmetics. The item should NLA from the factory, so I was stuck. Randomly, I came across replacement stickers for these light assembles from Lambost$$$ .....it appeared it was only the plastic strip that was damaged. I ordered the replacement.....when I went to apply them, I noticed the Icons were reversed. I called the company....they told me they were made from factory mock ups and were accurate. The even sent me a photo of their 1997 Roadster showing the correct order. Mine is reversed.....the 1999 is same as mine. The factory now says the part is available.......same part number 1994-1998....WTF.....what is right here? Can anyone shed some light on this? Is there someone with an older (pre 1997) but 1994 or after who can confirm the icon order? Someone ordering this part could really have an issue.... Thanks Frank
  12. I thought so also.......the company said that alot of the exotics use Analine Dye process in which the leather in soaked in a vat......their water based process they use is not compatible with this type of leather......go figure
  13. Has anyone had their seats/interior redyed? I have been speaking to leather people and the first question the ask me is if the leather is finished leather or analine/unfinished leather. seated are not bad.....just was looking into sprucing them up a bit..... Thanks Frank
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