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  1. A little bit of all of the above. The gated Murci is a relatively rare bird. If I was dealing with a car that had more inventory, yellow would not be my first choice. Not hating it though. I agree that these things usually take car of themselves....... just wanted to get a general consensus about the color in general...
  2. Just want to get a general feeling about affecting resale. I know that there will always be a premium for certain colors......I'm looking at a 2003 Murci in Giallo Evros (Pearl Yellow) Thought, comments appreciated.
  3. This was my exact post like 2 years ago.....who is this joker? Spam?
  4. I believe Frenchtown NJ is about 75 miles or so from you. Give Wil DeGroot a call at Exotic cars NJ In the past, he has done extensive work for me....good shop and nice guy
  5. Congrads Chad.....enjoy the car as long as you keep it.
  6. FrankD


    Reach out to Emilio.....he lives in Italy and owns 3 Diablos. He has a business selling parts and miscellaneous items on the web. Seems to be a good resource since he lives somewhat near the factory I believe. Nice guy......
  7. Had the same issue.......old guy garage is correct. I was able to break the flywheel free by jump starting the car with a push.....dropped it into gear and broke it free....attempt at your own risk. Worked on my Jalpa..
  8. Check out Lamboweb.....there is contact info about a guy who rebuilds them
  9. FrankD

    Diablo intro

    Congrats......I bought an Aventador cover.....came with seat and wheel covers for my 98 Roadster with wing......fits 99% Recheck your dimensions.....may work for you. Got it from Kerback....like $350 shipped
  10. Is it currently in their inventory in Paramus? May want to head up there and screw with them a bit.....
  11. He has a set.....unfortunately, it is missing a piece....
  12. Verrrrrrry niccccce......congrats
  13. Thanks....I've been tracking ebay also.....
  14. Anyone know of one for sale? Thanks Frank D
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