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  1. There’s one of the 233.88mph run, but not from the 242 run. On Instagram look up @chadbryner and it’s the third video on the right.
  2. New DCT Record @ 242.19MPH!!!!, congrats to UR!!
  3. Curious on why he went with a dogbox instead of DCT.
  4. Don’t be shy to post some videos doing some pulls on the street 👌🏾, was this the last event of the year for you guys?
  5. What was wrong with the red Huracan? New build issues?
  6. It did, but I don’t think they got a clean pass, there are pictures of them working on the car on instagram. Use #indyairstripattack or #undergroundracing to find them.
  7. Drags965 Yellow Huracan 257mph off the trailer.
  8. I wonder why the costumer decided to go dogbox instead of DCT for his 2R Huracan. He likes the racing feel to it or something?
  9. Be safe out there, I got you running 235mph in a 6speed
  10. Is the Red DCT a X2 now? Hope to see some videos of it.
  11. I don’t know much about that run way other than being in Michigan.
  12. Gen 2 PT6870= 1,110hp per Turbo Gen 2 PT6875= 1,150hp per Turbo Gen 2 PT7275= 1,200hp per Turbo Gen 2 PT7675= 1,300hp per Turbo Gen 2 PT7685= 1,350hp per Turbo Gen 2 PT8385= 1,400hp per Turbo Any Lambo turners using any of these new turbochargers? Seems like these make more power than their Gen 1 counterpart, but in a smaller turbo frame for better turbo response.
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