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  1. What’s funny is I just drove my buddies REAL STS race car on the road in the USA.. I guess that was a backwards conversion real race car put on the street legally without the impractical race car characteristics of much thought. It was not fun to drive for me but caused more attention than anything I’ve seen. I like the idea of making this STS street car with more race car parts, bonkers but sounds fun!
  2. Lambofan35

    Video: Urus vs. Huracán - The Stradman

    It was a good example of the urus! A buddy in Miami has a urus that is already flashed with no cats. Not sure how it runs but this suv has potential!
  3. Lambofan35


    SP engineering ordered some revozport parts before for me. It can take a while but SP rocks with customer service!
  4. Lambofan35

    Look what finally got here!

    Super sick car! I know who the next buyer is when you get tired of it <———— congrats!
  5. Lambofan35

    So What Happened?! Details Inside

    Super stoked for this update! Looks pretty good btw. Thank you LP Team you guys are a very close and unique group. This place is definitely not the busiest but it has the best personalities and characters!
  6. Lambofan35

    Clean suede steering wheel. How?

    I use a suede cleaner and then a suede protectant. Seems to work good for me so far. I know eventually I’ll just buy another wheel if I need to.
  7. Lambofan35

    Shfit Sector Indiana this weekend

    They said the Performante has a total of 770lbs (whole car) of downforce at 193mph, so this probably has a good amount MORE at 260mph. The front of the performante does NOT add downforce much over a regular huracan, it actually has the ability to REDUCE downforce and reduce drag when it opens a 2nd slot under the front bumper so the weight comes off the front. The regular huracan has 1 slot open under the bumper and performante has 2 slots it can open to reduce downforce. The rear wing on the performante on the other hand adds downforce with wing no matter what. It adds X amount over the huracan with the valves open and X+X amount with the valves closed. I think they have maxed out almost what is possible traction wise with these tires which is mind blowing anyhow.
  8. Lambofan35

    Shfit Sector Indiana this weekend

    Great work guys!! Can you tell us how traction was for the yellow car? It sounded very smooth. What are the odds of getting the DCT car to be able to full throttle shift while on a comfy suspension mode like SPORT? I kinda like the Auto mode in SPort to if I’m on the phone driving or drinking my coffee lol.
  9. Lambofan35

    Tire choice for Twin Turbo?

    There is no way you own a Ugr car and legitimately are asking about wet traction or longer life?? I will give you credit for joining this forum long ago but this is a silly question. Ask Ugr. No one here will have any good feedback to give you that you don’t know already know. If you use another tire besides the 2 you mentioned, you will most likely be living dangerously. Please be safe, don’t drive in the rain fast, like go slow and leave traction control on.
  10. Lambofan35

    Shfit Sector Indiana this weekend

    It’s been quiet for way to loonnnnnng. Post some updates on DCT parts your working on. I know a lot of people are sitting on the sidelines wondering when this project would come back out. Hope it makes it this weekend. Keep everyone safe bro.
  11. Lambofan35

    Garage coming along

    I have epoxy floors with multiple layers of polyurethane marine grade clear coating....I have some of the same issues, tire marks when hot and then they have to be polished say once a year. I’d do ceramic commercial grade tile and never worry about it again in my next house. It looks amazing with a faded grey design to everyone else but to me I like it when its polished once in a while which really only takes an hour.
  12. Lambofan35

    Murcie Value

    Significant differences between gear, manual and 09 lp640s. They updated things in 09 that made it a better car. I agree the color is special but knowing what I know, it’s all about the clutch service. I think ed was on point at 175k wholesale assuming clean and recent clutch service.
  13. Lambofan35

    Picked up a new toy

    Congrats, you will love it!
  14. Lambofan35

    Murcie Value

    I’d have to guess around 145-160K but that would be my price 1 yr ago. Not sure if its changed at all. The clutch change weighs a lot of the price variation.
  15. Lambofan35

    Launch control in my RWD Aventador

    Bless your tire ripping soul! Be safe!