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  1. Mark my words...I’m late to the game but DEFI will change banking forever. I agree with you. My little research shows this a European company and some rumors online say tax practices may be questioned despite auditing. Look at blockfi which is very similar and I can’t wrap my head around them if they are riskier than other exchanges or not. Blockfi appears to be backed by major crypto players but I found a dead page on the website when I clicked on the contact button this week, scary. anyone can borrow against crypto without any credit or any effort, and it’s at reasonable rates.
  2. I get kick out of this thread every 1-2 years since I forgot I started it in 2013 for several years. I like looking at what I could have in btc if I bought the $10k in 2013 btc I wanted too. Currently would be worth $1.8 million ...hahaha
  3. I’m not going to lie, I think this is pretty unique and awesome! Obviously from flamboyant side lol.
  4. I bet all of them are in the 7 second range and no it won’t be faster than any of them by much unless you count a couple tenths of a second faster. Basically a driver switch would keep them all very very close to each other for those speeds.
  5. I love this car! It looks absolutely insane now!
  6. Great car but not worth the crazy premiums they were seeing a couple years ago between $200-300k. A lot of special parts in the car and it’s a great driving experience but it doesn’t wow me enough to want to drive it every day. As a collectible, I really appreciate it. Back to this garage...omg it is sooo perfect! When you have all of these options, you aren’t tied to one experience, you can change it up to the best of every brands driving cars when you feel the need. Totally jealous!
  7. I do know of a EU order that is currently waiting to be filfulled BUT what was kind of interesting was the buyer had 0 history of ever buying a new Lamborghini. They are paying msrp obviously from the dealer and maybe it’s a good investment but it just seems odd he got this wonderful opportunity. I heard from someone bragging in the USA that you can get one under msrp let alone a markup. I’m not in the market and personally love the car but definitely concerned about production numbers for the SVJ as a whole.
  8. The Huracan's are definitely a bit faster than the Gallardo's with the same power. Besides they drive a little easier too in my opinion. I know my long post is not read by many but I'm hoping one day long time from now, when I can't drive, it will help me remember some of the cool stuff I was able to experience. Thanks for reading guys.
  9. Wannago Fast January 20th Immokalee, Florida 1/2 mile event: "Street Driven Underground Racing Twin Turbo Huracan goes 207MPH and then drives home" I’ve been to lots of 1/2 mile events to spectate and I’ve raced at a couple but never in my Twin Turbo Underground Racing Lamborghini Huracan. This particular event was about 2 hours away so I figured it was a good event I could drive to. So I decided to load up The Lamborghini with the essentials: full Gas tank, lunch box with drinks and snacks, helmet, backpack with laptop, 1 dual purpose Philips and flat head screw driver, OEM tow h
  10. Well these look absolutely awesome! A lot like the tillett and technocraft seats. I wonder about the weight savings and they are now reclinable if you look at the hand lever. I’m betting not may saw that, pretty cool. Also kind of like the m3 seats, wonder if recaro is making these.
  11. What is CL offsets? im curious what is the most aggressive offsets people have run up front?
  12. Great work with this install and gains! I can tell you that without X pipe, you will have some drone throughout the rev range. Crazy loud and huge gains are hard to express I’m sure.
  13. When I checked recently, the Pirelli trofeo r tires the Svj uses, is not available anywhere yet. Maybe Pirelli will release them soon but as of now, they don’t exist anywhere.
  14. What’s funny is I just drove my buddies REAL STS race car on the road in the USA.. I guess that was a backwards conversion real race car put on the street legally without the impractical race car characteristics of much thought. It was not fun to drive for me but caused more attention than anything I’ve seen. I like the idea of making this STS street car with more race car parts, bonkers but sounds fun!
  15. It was a good example of the urus! A buddy in Miami has a urus that is already flashed with no cats. Not sure how it runs but this suv has potential!
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