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  1. Mark my words...I’m late to the game but DEFI will change banking forever. I agree with you. My little research shows this a European company and some rumors online say tax practices may be questioned despite auditing. Look at blockfi which is very similar and I can’t wrap my head around them if they are riskier than other exchanges or not. Blockfi appears to be backed by major crypto players but I found a dead page on the website when I clicked on the contact button this week, scary. anyone can borrow against crypto without any credit or any effort, and it’s at reasonable rates. I think I see ads to borrow up to $100k against btc at 8%, that is wild...from your phone with out every talking to anyone. then if you want to go down the rabbit hole, let’s see what happens to eth2.0 as it is happening, and the interest you earn on that money..
  2. I get kick out of this thread every 1-2 years since I forgot I started it in 2013 for several years. I like looking at what I could have in btc if I bought the $10k in 2013 btc I wanted too. Currently would be worth $1.8 million ...hahaha
  3. I’m not going to lie, I think this is pretty unique and awesome! Obviously from flamboyant side lol.
  4. I bet all of them are in the 7 second range and no it won’t be faster than any of them by much unless you count a couple tenths of a second faster. Basically a driver switch would keep them all very very close to each other for those speeds.
  5. I love this car! It looks absolutely insane now!
  6. Great car but not worth the crazy premiums they were seeing a couple years ago between $200-300k. A lot of special parts in the car and it’s a great driving experience but it doesn’t wow me enough to want to drive it every day. As a collectible, I really appreciate it. Back to this garage...omg it is sooo perfect! When you have all of these options, you aren’t tied to one experience, you can change it up to the best of every brands driving cars when you feel the need. Totally jealous!
  7. I do know of a EU order that is currently waiting to be filfulled BUT what was kind of interesting was the buyer had 0 history of ever buying a new Lamborghini. They are paying msrp obviously from the dealer and maybe it’s a good investment but it just seems odd he got this wonderful opportunity. I heard from someone bragging in the USA that you can get one under msrp let alone a markup. I’m not in the market and personally love the car but definitely concerned about production numbers for the SVJ as a whole.
  8. The Huracan's are definitely a bit faster than the Gallardo's with the same power. Besides they drive a little easier too in my opinion. I know my long post is not read by many but I'm hoping one day long time from now, when I can't drive, it will help me remember some of the cool stuff I was able to experience. Thanks for reading guys.
  9. Wannago Fast January 20th Immokalee, Florida 1/2 mile event: "Street Driven Underground Racing Twin Turbo Huracan goes 207MPH and then drives home" I’ve been to lots of 1/2 mile events to spectate and I’ve raced at a couple but never in my Twin Turbo Underground Racing Lamborghini Huracan. This particular event was about 2 hours away so I figured it was a good event I could drive to. So I decided to load up The Lamborghini with the essentials: full Gas tank, lunch box with drinks and snacks, helmet, backpack with laptop, 1 dual purpose Philips and flat head screw driver, OEM tow hook, oem tire inflator, tire pressure gauge, a VBOX for GPS ecording, a drag for GPS recording, radar detector, and some other personal items. All of my friends were already at the track so I drove the car to the event by myself which turned out to be a great drive since its in the middle of NOWHERE. I honestly don’t think I drove past 1 gas station until I got to the event, probably wasn’t the best idea but I figured this car is very reliable and has been driven to closer race tracks without any issues so why not. A little background info on my experience with UGR, I drove my old UGR Gallardo about 1000 miles home about 6 years ago and it never went back to UGR until I sold it many years later! I’ve had really good experiences with my modified TT Lambos from UGR with the basic maintenance all done by myself at home. On the way to the event I received tons of text messages asking me where I was, this was arguably one of the most popular 1/2 mile events for my local friends: new ford gt, 1000hp Mclaren 720s, modified Mclaren mp12c, stock Mclaren 720s, TT Huracans, TT Porsches, etc..When I arrived I was welcomed by one of my good friends who just happens to own a Dallas Performance Twin Turbo Lamborghini Performante. A really awesome car who just happens to be built by a competitor in the high stakes Twin Turbo Lamborghini market. My buddy, the owner of the DP TT Performante, is a real gearhead who just loves all kinds of fast cars. He told me to park in front of his trailer and I could hang out with him for the day, totally AMAZING of him! Some people on these forums know the rivalry that Dallas Performance, Underground Racing, and Heffner Performance all have had over the years. In my opinion, totally over blown in many ways but thats just me. They all make a living selling very expensive modifications to the strange people out there who love to go fast (I’m one of them) and I understand it’s their livelihood so I kind of understand everyone standing their own ground. That is story for another person to tell. I’m here to tell you that my buddy with a DP competitor car, let me hang out with him all day Sunday in his top of the line trailer with his kids, Taylor from DP, Wayne DP ecu tuner, and another a 2nd DP TT Huracan owner who had the fastest car of the weekend (223mph DCT Huracan RS2). We all introduced ourselves to each other and just hung out chatting about cars without any drama. I had talked to Taylor on the phone before and he was just as nice to me in person as he was on the phone. At this point I had just driven 2 hours with my car packed full of stuff and missed the early morning drivers meeting. I got a ride to the tech in point, watched some cars race, and came back to get the car ready to go. The things I did to get the car ready to go: 1-take out my lunch box, backpack 2-my buddy helped me put on the tech stickers and we learned how to fill the ice tank in my car in about 2 minutes as I’ve never tried this before in this car or the previous UGR car. Super easy. 3-switched the Motec Map selector to Map 3 which is about 1300HP That is it. FYI, if your wondering what I have done to the car: Underground Racing Stage 3+ Twin Turbo Kit with the supporting mods. [email protected] can fill you in on the details but its basically what he lists in all of the same builds. DP guys even gave me a sponsor pass so I didn’t have to wait in line for an hour and I cut the line to the front. This was a huge lifesaver as I would have gone crazy in line. The staging lights weren’t working so some guy just lined us up and dropped his arms for us to go, lol. I had a VBOX gps unit and a Dragy gps unit so I didn’t really care, I just needed a straight and safe path to drive on. The temperature is about upper 50’s to low 60’s but the wind is up to 20mph. I just let off the brakes, and hit the gas peddle to the floor. No launch, no drama, no tire spinning, just goes off the line mildly conservative. The first couple gears are setup for low boost and ramp up higher in each gear. When 3rd gear clicked in, it started to spin pretty bad, I know this car and have raced it through spinning at the track before, so I know I can just keep in the gas and it will usually straighten itself out pretty easily…not this time. The car was sliding all over left to right by a good amount, so I let off and then stabbed the gas peddle back down. At this point I’m in 4th gear and just lost a ton of momentum (.5 seconds slower between 60-100mph then normal) and wasted runway without traction, I’m thinking maybe it will go 195mph and I’ll do another pass later. The car is going perfectly straight VERY fast, and I let off as soon as I see the braking zone signs. Everyone told me to let off the gas and onto the brakes moderately with more pressure as you slow down so the car doesn’t lose its balance. I totally forgot that the car hasn’t touched the brakes at all since its been sitting for an hour and its pretty cold outside. The car is slowing down straight but not fast enough, I pushed much harder on the brakes until I hear and feel abs kick in like crazy. At this point the car is NOT going to stop by the end of the 1/2 mile braking zone from a max speed of 209 mph. I made a split decision to go between the orange cones and between the runway lights where there was another 150ft of runway that you were not supposed to use, the car went perfectly straight and came to a crawl with the 2 front tires just rolling a foot onto the grass without touching anything, huge relief. Talk about a close call, this was as close as you can get without risking some kind of damage going off the course or hitting a runway light I dodged. Just some calculations I did, it definitely is 2640ft or 1/2 mile we raced on as the GPS units verify this. I literally hit 208.XX mph in the 1/2 mile and then by 209mph, I was off the gas and onto the brakes so I was right on timing the braking zone perfectly when going this fast. Either the brakes needed more heat, the tires needed more heat, or there was a lot of dust on this lane in the braking zone (I think this is it). Either way it all worked out but it was not comfortable. The runway is supposed to be 2640ft to race on and 2640ft to slow down on. I did the google maps measure distance and it came to 5039ft total runway you can use before the cones and runway lights. Then you have another 150ft that was blocked off. Meaning I should have had about 2400ft to slow down which is apparently not really easy when you are going this fast. All of my friends with the max of 190mph in the 1/2 mile said it wasn’t that great but they were ok. I ran 207.56mph according to wannagofast which I believe is pretty close to being perfectly accurate as that would be the trap speed. The drag and vbox display the actual ending speed which is a little different and showed me at 208.21mph for drag and 208.97mph for the vbox. I checked the trap speed on the vbox and it matched at 207.38mph so I would said all 3 were very accurate with small variables depending on what you want to use as a final speed. At this point I decided that everything went almost perfectly and besides going a little faster, there was no point in me risking the braking zone again as my goal was 200-210mph for the day. I lost about .5 seconds between 60-100mph by spinning which actually translates to about 10-15mph in acceleration in the that zone. That doesn’t mean the car would have been 10-15mph faster in the end, but it would have got up to speed faster and I know for sure it would have gone about 210mph on that map 3 setting. The funny thing is, I’ve owned the car for a couple years since I bought it off of HoustonT (Mr.TX2K) and I’ve never clicked to map 4 on the motec which is a couple of pounds of boost more! I literally have no clue what that map would feel like. I know it would have gone a couple more MPH faster than the 210mph in the 1/2 mile for sure. I don’t like to speculate BS but I would guess I would have gone 212-214mph which on a car with unleaded MS109 gas, that I can drive everyday if I wanted too, is pretty freakin wild. The OEM cluster reads 216mph when I was going 209mph. Big thanks to all of my friends that were there this weekend to share in the memories and the fact that we all drove our cars to dinner after the race on the way home. Thanks again to Dallas Performance guys including Taylor the owner and my buddy with the DP TT Performante for being super friendly and supportive to a guy who might be considered a fellow competitor but we are all really the same type, car guys. Thanks to Underground Racing for building be such an amazing car to enjoy on the street and track! Summary: Drove to the track by myself 2 hours. Made 1 pass at 207.56mph on map 3 of 4 while fighting traction under 100mph. Drove to dinner, and then drove 2 hours home. I had the 2nd fastest run overall of the weekend besides a DP Race Series 2 TT Huracan that went 223mph. I believe I won 1st Place AWD Privateer for the event.
  10. Well these look absolutely awesome! A lot like the tillett and technocraft seats. I wonder about the weight savings and they are now reclinable if you look at the hand lever. I’m betting not may saw that, pretty cool. Also kind of like the m3 seats, wonder if recaro is making these.
  11. What is CL offsets? im curious what is the most aggressive offsets people have run up front?
  12. Great work with this install and gains! I can tell you that without X pipe, you will have some drone throughout the rev range. Crazy loud and huge gains are hard to express I’m sure.
  13. When I checked recently, the Pirelli trofeo r tires the Svj uses, is not available anywhere yet. Maybe Pirelli will release them soon but as of now, they don’t exist anywhere.
  14. What’s funny is I just drove my buddies REAL STS race car on the road in the USA.. I guess that was a backwards conversion real race car put on the street legally without the impractical race car characteristics of much thought. It was not fun to drive for me but caused more attention than anything I’ve seen. I like the idea of making this STS street car with more race car parts, bonkers but sounds fun!
  15. It was a good example of the urus! A buddy in Miami has a urus that is already flashed with no cats. Not sure how it runs but this suv has potential!
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