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  1. Hey All, Does anyone know the model number of the Original Radio Cassette player for 1982 LP5000S Countach; and where I might be able to find one for sale? I believe it may be either the Alpine 7136 or older style model Alpine 7128L but not sure. Appreciate all your help.
  2. Hey all, Any idea where I can source a sample of the oem countach interior in "Bianco"..? Even it's a small piece of the leather. I recently purchased a 1982 LP5000S and want to check that the interior in the car is to factory colour/specs.
  3. In my search for an exhaust for the LP640 and the numerous options out there, I was inspired by the Murcielago GT1 Car and it's Murcielago F1 Scream and wanted something similar. My first preference was a set up from but Avante Garde Exotics, however I need something with valves and they didn't offer it. My Aventador has a Kressieg system which is 100% madness!! So naturally Kressieg was the way to go, however, after some convincing from the Capristo dealer here and online reviews regarding Capristo being a superior brand & quality... I decided to go with the full Capristo set up https://capristoexhaust.com/product/lamborghini-murcielago-lp640-complete-valved-exhaust-system/ , BMC Filters and ECU Tune. My first impression - the system looks amazing, hard to beat. However, Kressiegs quality of welding blows Capristo away. We pulled the entire motor out (see photo's attached) Trial No 1 - Set up was a full system new headers, straight pipes full cat deletes, BMC filters & ECU tune. Sound: With cat deletes, idle is very loud, raspy and take off can sound pretty average like an old 4 cylinder Japanese car if you dont clutch it right.. Almost as though the exhaust pressure is fighting against itself... maybe a cross pipe would help. Once you're off though, from idle up to ~4000RPM the sound is just awesome, it's a controlled quality deep raspy echo.. However after that, full throttle it to redline and all it does is stabilise the sound.. no scream, more a bark. See Youtube links. 1) Taking off from lights > https://youtu.be/cDc8N7UjI3M 2) At 11 seconds you'll see the Murci drive past and hear the Capristo at 12-13 second mark > https://youtu.be/dGT_2W_Wudw - Note my White Aventador with the Kressieg is also in this clip - you can hear its howl that turns into a scream, before the car arrives in shot from the 5 second mark in the video. Power wise, the car definitely increased in power particularly above ~3500rpm, however, below that felt about the same. We haven't dyno'd the car yet. Trial No 2 - Following my complaints to the workshop, they recommended installing front cats, to help remove the 4 cylinder sound at take off and get that Murcielago scream top end. Impact - raspy 4 cylinder sound is gone, the sound upto 4000rpm is even better, deeper and cleaner, alot of the raspy rattles have gone. However, it's done nothing to the top end scream. Power is definitely up, all over the range particularly below 4000rpm. Overall, I'm 50/50 about the system - below 4000RPM the sound is hard to beat, above that - it is a massive disappointment. The car doesn't have the howl of a Kressieg, in the Aventador, people hear you coming way before you arrive, the Capristo would be nice to have that low down howl and definitely missing the F1 scream. I've gone back to Capristo, looking for help from them to get that scream, just waiting to see if they can help. If Capristo can't I'll either remove the cats back and replace with a new system - any tips appreciated, ideally something I can add valves to. otherwise, if there's any tips on modding the existing system, I'd appreciate those as well.
  4. Best decision to install the Kreissieg system. Thanks to Wicked Bull for helping me. This thing truly is an orchestra.. Other systems just sound loud, but this sounds like a musical instrument if i can say that. And OMG, the snap crackles & pops on lift off, and even better is the sound it makes high in the rev range, it's like the good old F1 days when they ran V12's... You can't help smiling. But the icing on the cake is that cocky bystander acting like a tough guy, screaming rev it, rev it.. and as you slowly roll by them, blip the throttle hard, rip some flames & release the sound of a screaming V12... To then see them coward in fear, is just awesome!!! Check out the video and pics :
  5. Hey Wicked Bull, Thanks for the vids mate, it sounds tough. I'm still in 2 minds to either whether to go with a catless test pipe & keep the stock muffler (the guys here at Lambo suggest this as the best system), or a Kreissieg (Muffler only system) either Level 1/5 or Level 2/5. Can I get your help with a couple of questions; > How does the "Level 2" on the Kreissieg level compare to the stock system?.. eg: It is as loud as "Sport Mode"? have you done any decidbel readings in level 2? > How does the "Level 5" on the Kreissieg level compare to the stock system?.. eg: It much louder than "Sport Mode", is it unbearable for daily driving? > One thing I love about the stock system is the "Howling noise" the exhausts makes at low speeds usually ~2500-3000 rpm. How the Kreissieg compare and do you still get that Lambo Howl? > With the full system, did you have to do an ECU re-tune? > Are you getting any CEL?
  6. Hi, There's a guy here in Australia who's installed an Akrapovic catless down pipe, with no CEL. I'm told Akrapovic pipes are best to avoid any CEL errors. Also, I'm in two minds about what to do with my exhaust. I'm looking at replacing the muffler or what you did. Why did you go the catless pipe? Does it make that much a difference to stock system? and do you know how your set up compares to a muffler only system?
  7. Thanks mate, that's Interesting and added to my confusion. I've spoken to the guys at ACI Dynamix who apparently installed the Kreissieg on "The DAWG's" white lambo, and they only installed a muffler & left the original cats/downpipes. The guys reckon this was the better option, because it avoided check engine lights and the sound was awesome enough with just the muffler change. Here's a clip of the DAWG
  8. Hi Guys, I'm wondering if anyone with an after market exhaust would be keen to share their noise level / decibel readings... and place them to this thread.? I'm sure there's plenty of phone apps that can do this. Typically the reading needs to be 1metre away and on a 45degree angle from the muffler. Info that would help : 1. Exhaust Brand 2. Exhaust set up.. EG: cat back, full system (with or without cats) 3. Noise levels with valves open & closed
  9. Hi all, Thanks to all the contributors I've pretty much decided on a Kreissieg exhaust.. But have a couple of questions & hoping to get your help. Given our strict emissions laws in Australia, I'm looking at a cat back system. 1: Does anyone have Dyno /performance figures before and after? 2: Should i be concerned that Kreissieg say the system is not suitable for race purposes... "fragile" ?... After contacting kreissieg their reasons to this "Because it becomes fragile when you continue using the races in the situation that is extraordinary" I'm not planning on racing, but a little concerned regarding the longevity of the system. 3: Im looking at a 2 / 5 sound set up... Does anyone have decibels Db readings? Thanks in advance
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