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  1. It is catless and was remove from my friends car and installed on my car. His is a 2011 car without CEL, mine is a 2013 using the same test pipe but with CEL. I also wonder why. Noticeable diff is when u downshift or release yr gas pedal, u will have lots of popping sound from the exhaust. (Sounds like fire crackers). Original do have popping sound as well but soft. I hoping for fellow forummer to gives me some advice too on how to settle the CEL issues. I may just drive it with CEL on because I love the sound
  2. Fabspeed have the o2 spacer with cats, wonder if it works ?
  3. Agree with that, CEL is an eyesore and it's very annoying. NoVitec products will not work together with different brands , eg. My friend had a ipe exhaust with test pipes that throws CEL, He install the novitec CEL Cancelor, it wont work. Workshop over here also mention that it will only work with noVitec exhaust Therefore I'm thinking to add a o2 spacer, does anyone have it installed on their ride ? I'm asking because adding o2 spacer is alot of work, I may end up paying for the product and labour for something that won't work.
  4. Are you on aftermarket exhaust ? I tried disable the start/stop but it still throw CEL, the warning is “ start/stop failure ” I asked the local agent, why does start/stop got to do with aftermarket exhaust, their reply is ,when there is a o2 problem, start/stop will fail
  5. Recently I added a catless test pipe (with bung) and using the original exhaust muffler, after 10miles of driving, engine check light was on, it is indicated as "start/stop failure. I have it reset at local agent but it came back again. I read on other chats that a o2 spacer might help. I'm sure someone in this chat might have solves this issue, pls help ! I love the exhaust note with lots of crackers/popping now but I hate the see the check lights. Any solution for this ?
  6. wonderful discussion , I had the SV for about 8 months now, and though it may not be as fast and as high tech as a aventador, I still love it. especially when making gear changes, the sound and the exhaust note. back to the car value, I think the Diablo SV will becomes a collectors car before the murcis SV right, so the Diablo price will climb first.
  7. Hello everyone, I am pretty much a Lambo newbie and a proud SV owner recently. I am just curious from what I have been reading up, why is the LP670 SV the last true Lamborhini?" and whys isint the diablo SV ? let's say in terms of appreciation , would the Diablo SV took the bite first ? All your opinions are welcomed. True discussion only. Thank you.
  8. thanks everyone for liking my car, yes 98 is somehow my lucky no. I use the diablo SV decals to make it a little old school and different from a standard car. I love the aventador as well especially with aftermarket bodykits on, but I can't part my SV and I don't have the luxury to own both.
  9. Thanks guys ! More pics coming up soon
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