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    Drive cycle procedure

    So I bring my Gallardo for a smog check in order to register it and tag the car. Test result rejected due to OBD evap, OBD secondary air, oxygen sensor is not ready. After doing some research, this is a common issue if the battery was recently changed. Here is the drive cycle procedure for Gallardo: – Idle the vehicle for 2-3 minutes. This executes the O2S Heater, Misfire, Secondary AIR, Fuel Trim, and Purge system monitors. – Drive the vehicle at 45-55 mph for a continuous 7-minute period, avoid stopping. This executes the EVAP, O2S, Fuel Trim, and Misfire monitors. – Accelerate the vehicle to an engine speed of 5000 RPM and lift off the throttle until the engine speed is around 1200 rpm. This executes the fuel cut off – Accelerate the vehicle smoothly to 60-65 mph, cruise constantly for 5 min, this executes the Catalyst; O2S, Misfire, Fuel Trim, and Purge System monitors. – Decelerate and idle the vehicle again for 3 minutes. This executes the Misfire, Secondary AIR, Fuel Trim, and Purge system monitors. - When repeating the drive cycle operation for a failed EVAP monitor or thermostat-monitor, allow the engine to cool until the coolant temperature and the ambient air temperature are between 10° C and 35° C with a difference between them no greater than 4° C is observed and repeat the drive cycle operation. Apparently these procedures should alleviate any sensors stuck in the "not ready" position. Has anyone had any luck doing this?

    FS: 04-06 Gallardo LOC exhaust for sale

    Your pics don’t work.


    Where’s Bobby Ashton?

    First Gen LP570 bumper

    Please read the description page carefully. The only thing FRP/Carbon Option is for the blade in the middle of the bumper. The rest of the bumper is polyurethane. The sellers whole spiel about warping under extremely warm climates is describing the nature of the polyurethane bumper.

    Pre LP power gains (without SC or TT)

    The earlier Gallardo has a 5.0L motor and the later has a larger 5.2L which will net more HP and torque. Apparently the 5.2L variants also have a much more efficient flowing heads. All things equal, one can assume that a free flowing exhaust alone would make a 5.0L Gallardo out perform a factory 5.2L Gallardo.

    Pre-LP Gallardo Intake

    If I remember correctly, there is a plenum that redirects air from the fender vent directly to the intake ducts seen in your pictures. Can you post what factory parts need to be removed in order for the K&N filter to clear?

    Low fuel light ON

    This was this issue exactly. I had the same issue with my old 70's Datsun where the nozzle needed to be pulled back up a bit. Also had to feather the pump trigger so that the flow of gas didn't bombard the filler neck. Filled up like a charm. Receipt states 17.8 gallons. Light is gone and analog gauge is now full.

    Low fuel light ON

    The low fuel light was turned ON since I have taken delivery on the Gallardo a few days back. The analog gauge is about 1/4 tank full. I went to the gas station to fill her up. I noticed the nozzle doesn't sink into the filler neck much. (maybe an inch or so) But the tank spits up fuel seconds into fueling, showing that the tank is physically full. Am I missing something?
  9. Most illegal cars are titled in FL. This doesn't mean that the car will be eligible for street use anywhere else. Not raining on your parade. I'm just sharing the years of literature shared online stemming from the illegal importation of the older generation Nissan Skylines. I've been thinking of purchasing one of the cup cars, as they are popping up for sale lately. One to mention is the Trofeo cup car being sold in Socal. The seller was honest enough to disclose that the car wasn't being sold with any paper work to have it titled or registered. With that said, it is a super SWEET set up that would be awesome to have for race application or show. Heck, if Ihad the extra $100,000, I'd pick one up just to transfer the parts onto my existing Gallardo. Center lock wheels and everything!

    First Gen LP570 bumper

    Hey Dave. Thanks for chiming in. There seems to be variations of both the pre-LP 560/570 bumpers made in FRP, but only 1 option for both in polyurethane. While some of them may fit well, it is not ideal to use FRP in a high contact area like the front bumper. Generally FRP is a bad idea period. But from my research the only way to go for the pre-LP 560 front bumper is RSC and pre-LP 570 is Renown. Hope this helps any future inquries.

    First Gen LP570 bumper

    IMS seems to sell the same body parts that RSC sells for a lot cheaper. Can anyone confirm fitment?

    Front List system making noise

    That sucks to hear. Many times air lift is needed when going up a driveway. Most times wheels are turned.