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  1. whiteout

    Starter problem?

    Gonzo/gmendoza in the LA area and Steve Maxwell in San Diego.
  2. whiteout

    Lamborghini Diablo tyres making a choice

    I run the R888r on my LP640. Great tire for the money and bumping the front tire up to 255 really transforms the handling characteristics. If you're AWD, you will need to convert to 2WD to run these tires.
  3. whiteout

    Urus, slammed Computer Rendering

    I think the front end would look better without the grills. It would add a lot of depth to the front end.
  4. whiteout

    Front tire wear compared to rear tire wear

    Are you using turn-in to scrub speed or hitting turns that push the front (understeer) frequently? Otherwise the only things I can think of is alignment or the corner weight is REALLY off. For reference, I've never had to replace the fronts from wear (date code out) but the rears last about 10-15k miles depending on the type of driving.
  5. whiteout

    Catalyst overheat warning

    My bet is a bad ignition coil. What is common on the Murci, is when the spark gets weak, the already rich fuel trims get even more rich, then excess unburnt fuel goes into the cats where the fuel is burned and the cats overheat and put the car in limp mode. The fact that your car misfires supports that it is likely not getting a strong spark.
  6. whiteout

    Gallardo K&N air filter

    If you're talking about the rubber around the filter element, red is likely to be BMC, not K&N.
  7. whiteout

    LP640 Hits The Dyno After Header Install

    I finally got a dyno sheet. Before: After:
  8. whiteout

    Starter problem?

    FYI, you don't need to remove the wheel to inspect the starter. I'd be looking at the starter itself for loose connections than around the battery.
  9. whiteout

    Starter problem?

    Those would help you with the wheel. After listening to your video, it is definitely the starter. Since you didn't have any previous issues with it (long start; starting when cold but not starting when the car is hot; etc) it sounds like something electrical leading to the starter (input signal or power from battery) is damaged, loose or fell off.
  10. whiteout

    Starter problem?

    I cannot tell the type of click from your description. It could be a weak battery or lose connection to the starter. I'd get the car up high enough to swap out the battery. Then crawl under the car and at the front-left of the engine is the starter, check to make sure the connection is tight. Also, do a search for a lug wheel alignment tool m14x1.5. Simply remove 2 or 3 lug bolts and install the wheel alignment tools, then remove the remaining lug bolts. You can slide the wheel off the hub without hitting the brake rotor/caliper.
  11. whiteout

    Urus ST-X Concept

    I like that front bumper.
  12. whiteout


    I dig it. But needs 800hp.
  13. whiteout

    FS: Monterey Blue LP640

    Fuckkkkk that's beautiful. GLWS!
  14. whiteout

    From 1986, Launch testing my 1984 Webber Count

    This thread does not disappoint.