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  1. Congrats! There is a guy on eBay making the exhaust springs for substantially less than used OEM parts sell for.
  2. Agree with everyone above. Valves open is a straight pipe. If you want it louder, go with cat delete or high flow cats.
  3. Glad to see you got it out. For that dust cap, we cut mine and just reconnected it. It has to be removed to get the driveshaft out. A cover for the other bearings is a great idea as they are exposed and I think that is what leads to the failure.
  4. You might need to unbolt the engine mounts (one center bolt on each side of the motor); remove rear diff mount and jack up the motor. Put a piece of wood (2x4) between the jack and the oil pan. Then you should have quite a bit more clearance. PB blaster and heat may get the exhaust clamp off the cat pipe. But a dremel with a cutoff wheel should also be able to make quick work of the stud.
  5. Looking good! I believe the reason the accessory mount had to come off of the LP was to clear the differential off of the studs on the engine (it has been years, so I could be wrong) as the initial plan was to only remove the alternator. Pre-LP could be different. If you feel like doing more work while the diff is out, you are two exhaust clamps away from replacing the primary cats. The factory v-band clamps are really nice, but corrosion will take out the studs. It's always a good idea to spray them with pb blaster prior to loosening the nuts. Luckily the nuts and studs are replaceable. But you can also use single bolt aftermarket v-band clamps for a bit quicker access.
  6. VERY time consuming. If I remember correctly, all of the accessories had to come off the motor, which is not the easiest thing in the world, to access all the diff bolts.
  7. These bearings can be changed with the engine in the car. The rear diff has to come off. The rear-most driveshaft dust shield has to be cut for removal of the driveshaft.
  8. You are the blatant liar. Your video references the OE upper transmission mount, which has absolutely nothing to do with the Reid mount. It makes absolutely zero sense that you would come out of the gate attacking the Reid 2WD with false claims. Maybe to justify your lower quality materials. . . . as I have zero issue with your version of the 2WD as it has nothing to do with my design, isn't the first 2WD competitor I've had, nor is it the cheapest option. But your false information for financial gain really shows your poor character. Based on your laser cut sheet metal which is powder coated, I'm going to assume it's mild steel. With the stub axles being cadmium coated, I also assume they are steel. If I'm wrong, please correct. In the alternative, the Reid transmission mount made from billet aluminum with a Ferrari engine mount for the damper and titanium axle deletes. All of the materials are sourced from the US and manufactured in the US. Quality ain't cheap and the 100% price bump in US sourced materials in 2020 wasn't either.
  9. The Reid Performance 2WD conversion does not introduce driveline vibration to the cabin. It has been in production for 6 years with over 50 Murcielagos running it and zero complaints of vibration. You are making blatant lies about the Reid system. Additionally, the Reid conversion is made of higher quality components with a more intricate design and the price reflects that.
  10. Lamboweb has a write up for the diablo (same system as early Murci) and should be able to help with your issue. Although it is odd the setting is stuck in '2' vs. error.
  11. $1400 I don't think it's worth the effort again (it took a significant amount of time - and the people committed to purchasing were at the mercy of others' commitment). If it would have come down to me buying 2 sets to get the order in, I would have but that wasn't how it panned out. Since there was a lot of interest I am sure there would be plenty of interest again, but there are not enough people actually committed to purchase.
  12. This is with stock primary cats
  13. This is such a great build.
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