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  1. $1400 I don't think it's worth the effort again (it took a significant amount of time - and the people committed to purchasing were at the mercy of others' commitment). If it would have come down to me buying 2 sets to get the order in, I would have but that wasn't how it panned out. Since there was a lot of interest I am sure there would be plenty of interest again, but there are not enough people actually committed to purchase.
  2. This is with stock primary cats
  3. This is such a great build.
  4. The cat pipes are different for the SVJ so I don't think the exhaust will bolt up to other models. You could always mod the SV to meet your needs, but it likely won't be a bolt on affair.
  5. Agreed on all points. Powerdropper?
  6. LOL @ $25k for headers and exhaust. You'll likely be fine with primary pipes and secondary/muffler delete. My DTP makes the highest pitch (non merged & short design). Ti is available, but does not make a big difference in sound (I've run both stainless and Ti (current) on my personal car), but the Ti does drop weight and look really pretty. Message me if you want headers. But 99.9999999999% of owners don't want headers. I couldn't get 5 owners, worldwide out of a group of 25+ interested to buy in at $12k for genuine R-GT/GT1 headers. Ti DTP:
  7. Mondi had AGX and I assume primary deletes. AGX has a mid-length design with x-pipe and DTP is a short length with non-merged design.
  8. If the tires don't work, you can always go 2WD. Find the actual size of the tire diameter and use this equation to see if it falls within the stock parameters http://lambodiy.blogspot.com/p/correct-tire-size.html
  9. Get some motor mounts & rear driveshaft bearings from Glen while the motor is out. Clean the oil sump screen & change plugs/ignition coils while the motor is out (mu If you're debating high flow cats or deleting the primary cats, now is the time.
  10. The ones that don't purely neck down to 1 pipe. The following have a minimum of 2.5" for each bank throughout the entire exhaust: Akrapovic; Fabspeed; Quicksilver; Tubi Inconel Capristo; Kline; Novitec (non-race)
  11. Not for power. That merge pipe might make the sound pretty, but it greatly restricts flow.
  12. SVJ has different exhaust manifolds & cat pipe design than the others. So it likely won't be exactly the same, but it shouldn't be difficult to mimic.
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