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  1. SVJ has different exhaust manifolds & cat pipe design than the others. So it likely won't be exactly the same, but it shouldn't be difficult to mimic.
  2. whiteout

    Wheel Question

    Just have to make sure the overall diameter difference between the front tires and rear tires is the same as the OEM tires. Otherwise it can cause damage to the diff. Offset, width and size do not matter.
  3. The great thing about the Countach is all the variations of the car. If you like an Anniversary over the previous models, go with it. Performance wise, they will all get up and go and keep up with others if you go on a drive, but a 20 year old Corvette will out run it and if you have a 2 valve car a 30 year old Corvette will outrun it. The experience in a Countach is like nothing else, speed compared to other cars doesn't matter when you're in it. From my very limited Countach ownership, steering at low speeds & parking wasn't bad at all. It took a little muscle, but on par with the Elise and Delorean. I had a side draft car that started like a FI car because it was properly tuned. . . when driving, it felt the same as my Delorean (same injection as later Countach) in relation to throttle response. This is all very old tech that is incredibly fun because of its faults.
  4. Such a pretty wheel.
  5. NAPA parts are not OEM, they are knock-offs, this is not news. Magneti Marelli made the OEM for the 6.0 & 02/03. I've found that most coils, including the various VW units on '04+ & '07+ don't last much longer than 15-20k miles on a Murci before they start to under perform. Go re-read my post for why mine are better than NAPA, it was clear.
  6. whiteout

    6.0 Brakes

    Correct, the Giro rotor ring will not fit the OEM hat. But you are able to buy replacement rotor rings once you purchase the complete Giro rotor assembly. If I'm wrong, someone please correct me. But I believe all 95+ Diablo's (and 02/03 Murci) with Brembo brakes utilize the same rotors and pads.
  7. Of course knockoff coils are going to be the cheapest option. I only use OEM coils when making mine and after dealing with these coils for nearly a decade, the only place to get genuine coils without fear of knockoff is to go to the dealer at which point, the cost I charge to make these work on the V12 Lambo and match the original coils is quite reasonable. Love the "WIPEOUT" reference though.
  8. Most valves run off of vacuum, so they are open when the engine is off and don't close until the intake builds a certain amount of vacuum pressure. On the Urus, the sound difference between open/closed valves is very noticeable outside.
  9. Also, change the battery in the fob.
  10. Damn dude. . . that is HOT
  11. Old battery could cause it, even if the battery is holding a charge.
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