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  1. whiteout

    DIY Starter Replacement

    I just had the exhaust manifolds out and the starter would be very easy to replace with the driver side manifolds removed. Engine in, but takes a significant amount of time to remove and replace the manifolds.
  2. whiteout

    Video: Supercars of London LP640 Project

    We've messaged each other for a while, seems like a true car guy. Glad that he was able to pick up that LP, it looks like a nice car.
  3. whiteout

    Lawyer in Santa Monica

    Just about any Plaintiff's attorney in the area should be interested in it as the CLRA is a very strong tool for consumers.
  4. whiteout

    DIY Starter Replacement

    Great write up. Thanks!
  5. whiteout

    Window not working

    There is a little clamp that holds the window to the track. Between that clamp is a rubber grommet/sleeve (for lack of a better word). That grommet becomes greasy with time and no longer holds tight against the window. The grommet will move with the track, but leave the window in the door and make noise while doing it. Check out this site: http://www.safeer.us/how-to-fix-diy-lamborghini-murcielago-window-fell-off-of-its-railtrack/
  6. whiteout

    Picked up 2 Lambos

  7. whiteout

    Window not working

    I'm of no help, but I fcuking hate dealing with the Murci window when it comes off track. Get a new rubber grommet (that grabs the window) from the dealer to make life easier. The original rubber becomes greasy and slips off the window. Glue doesn't help.
  8. whiteout

    Discount Diablos

    I just went and looked it up. What a sad sight. Looks like it held up very well considering the girth of the Cadillac that hit it.
  9. whiteout

    Condensation in headlight

    I met up with Nick Naylor over the weekend. Super knowledgeable guy on the headlights (and the Murci in general). Definitely shoot him an email if you're thinking about doing anything with the headlights.
  10. whiteout

    My Murcie.....

    Damn. Those look great.
  11. whiteout

    Rally packing list... don’t leave home without it

    Phone, AMEX & V1. edit ... ID & insurance card don't hurt to have
  12. whiteout

    My Murcie.....

    Car looks great! I like that battery a lot. I'm also running rear spacers, it really cleans up the rear wheel offset.
  13. whiteout

    Drop in door speaker replacement?

    I run Kenwood front speakers under the stock speaker covers. Much better quality sound than the factory units.
  14. Sooo.... basically gave away a set a few years ago. Didn't realize they were that rare. fcuk.