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  1. whiteout

    FS: Monterey Blue LP640

    Fuckkkkk that's beautiful. GLWS!
  2. whiteout

    From 1986, Launch testing my 1984 Webber Count

    This thread does not disappoint.
  3. whiteout

    LP640 Hits The Dyno After Header Install

    Thanks! It's not as high pitched as before, but it is LOUD. Will get some rolling video soon. It's RWD and on the original tune. Caveat, this was a press car, so I can only assume it's not a run-of-the-mill tune. Yeah, they are pretty. Neighbors have to love me.
  4. I picked up this exhaust from JonV since he no longer had a use for it. 1 of 2 sets made long tube headers into a 3" exhaust. Unfortunately Jon never got around to dyno the differences, but he wouldn't shut up about how much faster it was. So when Jon offered it to me, I couldn't pass it up. I never really intended on installing it as I was very happy with my set up (sound, power, fireballs, etc.) but after seeing Alpha6164's power gains from headers they were always on my mind. So after 6 months of having the headers sitting in a box, I jumped in (literally) to try them out. This is what I started with: factory manifolds, fabspeed primary deletes and DTP exhaust: This was the system I bought: The stock manifold compared to the header: This would be an incredibly easy install while the engine is out, but with it in . . . tight quarters: I ended up unbolting the driveline and having to use a 2x4 to move it over a few inches to squeeze out the driver's side front manifold: One of the reasons I moved forward with the header install is the engine mounts needed replacement (again SUPER easy during engine out service) but require the exhaust manifolds to be removed for engine-in replacement: After the better part of 13 hours later, this was the result: I wasn't a fan of the x-pipe design in sound or throttle response, so I had my fabricator change it into a non-merged system. [/url] The final product: Now, at this point the car is LOUD, like crazy loud (and it had straight pipes before) and it no longer has the super high pitch scream of the DTP exhaust, but it felt significantly quicker. So I went to a dyno inside a wind tunnel that I previously went to with my old set up to see if there were any gains. Since the dyno is basically in a controlled atmosphere, there are fewer variables to skew the results. Simply (lol) changing out the manifolds and 2.5" diameter exhaust for headers and 3" diameter exhaust picked up 55 whp and 62 wtq on 91 octane. The dyno chart printout has the wrong overlay, so I have to get another, but this makes power from 1000rpm to redline. From 4500 to 5500rpm it jumps 150whp and 120wtq, it feels like the car has turbos. The final figures are . . . I am very happy with the car and cannot wait to get some good runs with it to see performance gains. I'll post up more media of it, including sound clips and the dyno sheets.
  5. whiteout

    Sold the Huracan... What Next?!?

    What about a 650S?
  6. I have a set of new K&N Air Filters with carbon fiber trim. New - Opened box for pictures Fit: GEN2 R8 Part Number: E-0658 $225 shipped within US Smooth intake tubes available for an additional $200
  7. whiteout

    -- Lambo Power is Looking for Content Creators ! --

    My LP640 header install, exhaust fabrication, dyno and overall thoughts will be up once I'm finished.
  8. whiteout

    DIY Starter Replacement

    Remove secondary cat/muffler section, remove primary cat pipe, remove y-pipe from manifolds, remove rear manifold, remove motor mount bolts & rear diff mount bolts and use a piece of wood to move the engine a few inches to get the front manifold out of the car. Passenger side comes out with some wiggling.
  9. whiteout

    DIY Starter Replacement

    I just had the exhaust manifolds out and the starter would be very easy to replace with the driver side manifolds removed. Engine in, but takes a significant amount of time to remove and replace the manifolds.
  10. whiteout

    Video: Supercars of London LP640 Project

    We've messaged each other for a while, seems like a true car guy. Glad that he was able to pick up that LP, it looks like a nice car.
  11. whiteout

    Lawyer in Santa Monica

    Just about any Plaintiff's attorney in the area should be interested in it as the CLRA is a very strong tool for consumers.
  12. whiteout

    DIY Starter Replacement

    Great write up. Thanks!