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  1. Also, change the battery in the fob.
  2. Damn dude. . . that is HOT
  3. Old battery could cause it, even if the battery is holding a charge.
  4. Here is my write up on the tire size: http://lambodiy.blogspot.com/p/correct-tire-size.html
  5. Great information, thanks for sharing.
  6. Could be brake dust build up in the vent allowing a connection. I'd take a look at all the pad sensors and see if a pad is in need of replacement.
  7. Post up a picture of the car.
  8. Primary cat bypass will make the most power and sound on an LP as when the valves open it's straight pipe to the tip.
  9. Just go for the full conversion. Leaving the front driveline in place negates all of the benefits of 2WD conversion aside from not actually powering the front wheels.
  10. Vertical carbs (not factory downdraft) looks pretty cool.
  11. This is why I used alcohol and my fingers to clean off the buttons. Too much friction will cause the buttons damage.
  12. Catless and LOC sounds great at full throttle, but there is a nasty rasp mid-powerband with light throttle input. I literally had to change my driving style to avoid it on my '03.
  13. They collapse. It's something that should be replaced when the engine is out for clutch service. I highly suggest not going with a harder mount. I did this previously and the NVH was worse than any car I've been in, including race cars.
  14. It can be done. But the rear exhaust manifolds (and y-pipes) have to come out. You might be able to gain access to them with only the primary cats removed.
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